February 19th Continued

My car is OK!  John came back and took it out and there was nothing wrong!!  What had happened was this……although it is an automatic, you can drive it as a manual car if you so wish. If it is in Drive or Reverse and you push the shift lever to the left, it turns it into manual mode!  I must have done this by accident and I was in first gear and should have pushed again to go into second, third and fourth gears!  Once I had stopped the car it went out of manual mode and so behaved normally when John tried it.  He seemed to think I was rather dumb not to realise what had happened!  I asked him why anyone would want to go in manual mode and he told me it would give an extra quick burst of speed for over taking.  I was quite upset by the whole thing and did not need a lecture from him!

We are going to the Three Willows for a meal tonight and then to the Three Horseshoes for a drink afterwards.  We heard that Paul, the landlord at the Three Willows is thinking of buying the Three Horseshoes and so I will do some gentle probing!

Now I am going to read my car’s instruction book from cover to cover so that I am aware of all these strange things it can do!  Back tomorrow.


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