February 21st


Jackson surveys the room!


We are going out for the day – or part day – tomorrow. We are going to the sea to buy some fresh fish!  It is about an hour and a half’s drive from here. Slip will come but Jackson will stay at home. I am hoping there will be crabs and prawns.

Jackson was in big trouble yesterday. John was tying some flies and Jackson stole one of the feather capes out of his fly tying box!  These capes are expensive and delicate. I got it away from him but, no sooner than my back was turned, and he fished it out of the box.  John gave him an old one to play with, but, no, he did not want that one, it had to be the best one!

Nothing much to report on the yarn front – I am expecting some Jamieson Lace Weight this week and some new colors of Manos del Uruguay Lace Weight in April.

Now I am going to change the bed – not my fav job as Jackson is always a nuisance leaping into the pillow cases!  Back tomorrow


One thought on “February 21st

  1. Such a handsome kitty!

    My kitty Chloe loves to help make the beds. Once done, she stretches out in the middle of the bed and sleeps for a couple of hours.

    Where would we be without our kitty helpers!

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