February 25th

I have put the Louisa Harding Ondine in my store – I like this yarn very much, it is soft and the colors are lovely.  Another big box arrived this afternoon – it was the Noro Aya, new colors of Sekku and Taiyo and the new World of Nature. I was not expecting this new Noro to come before March and so had to find homes for it. Luckily John was out pigeon shooting and so I have managed to distribute it amongst existing stock!!

Jackson has been out in the garden again – he likes to hide in the laurel bushes and spring out at any passing birds. He yells at the top of his voice when he does this – he will never catch anything!!  I am going to show him the cat flap – it is locked at the moment – at the moment we have to leave the patio door  open for him to come in and out of.

Nothing special happening this weekend – but we are going to the seaside again next week in pursuit of fish once more!!  Back tomorrow


One thought on “February 25th

  1. It sounds like Jackson is maybe becoming his old self again which is so encouraging. I guess that means he’s just been eating those dreary dry crunchies and not the lovely gourmet dinners that Slip gets to eat but still if he heals it’s all good news. I hope Slip appreciates having her own personal chef. Happy weekend!

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