February 28th

Jackson has been a very bad boy.  I let him out into the garden yesterday and he had a fine time climbing trees and playing chase with Slip.  He did not attempt to go out of the confines of the garden and so I stopped being a mother hen and left him to it.  He came in for a sleep whilst we had lunch and then I let him out again.  I saw him sitting on the garden wall and then, the next time I looked, there was no sign.  I sent Slip to look for him and she sussed out the laurel bushes and fir trees – no Jackson.  I called and heard a very faint meow coming from far away.

I walked to the bottom of the garden and could see him – a small speck on the horizon!  Our garden is fenced with square mesh with 3 strands of barbed wire on top – this is because a farmer used to keep sheep in the field below and it was to stop them getting into our garden.  There are wooden posts every so often and Jackson must have jumped up onto one and then jumped down into the field.  The only way into the field is through gate which was a long way from where Jackson had jumped over.  So I had to walk to the gate ( our garden is one acre in size) then back again on the other side of the fence until I was opposite Jackson and then down the field to where he was.

He was in a wild mood and every time I got within an arm’s length, he ran off again!  I tried to funnel him towards the gate and nearly got him there when a car went by! That frightened him and he was off again!  Eventually I managed to grab him and carried him home. He was exhausted and went to sleep immediately!  He has not been out today because it has rained non-stop!

No deliveries today apart from Rowan Panama in Dahlia which had been delayed.  I am going to have a sort out of all my Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino – I have a lot of it and must do some pruning!  Back tomorrow!


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