February 17th

Filature di Crosa Cotton Jeans

Jacket in Filatura di Crosa Cotton Jeans

My Filatura di Crosa yarns and books arrived today – 2 big boxes.  The Cotton Jeans yarn is lovely – a very nice feel and subtle shades. I will put it in my shop tomorrow.

Jackson played in the garden this afternoon. He climbed to the very top branches in the plum tree and then cried  because he could not get down. His front claws are trimmed so that he does not hurt Slip when they fight.  I think he finds it hard to descend without the claws to dig in the wood. Eventually he slithered down.  He is exhausted now and fast asleep in his hammock.

John is keen for me to go to Scotland with him this Summer. I am considering it as I would be able to use it as a lever to get him to come to Jamaica. I went to Scotland with him and so he can come to Jamaica with me.  I could take my iPad and still connect to the internet and manage my shop.  Slip could come but Jackson would have to go into a cattery.  I shall think on!

Now I am going to watch football ( again! ) and look at the Filatura di Crosa pattern book.. Back tomorrow



February 16th

I am tired today – I did not sleep well and have felt grumpy all day!  The damp, cold weather does not suit me at all.

I have the new Debbie Bliss Magazine in my store – it is a great improvement on the earlier issues as every pattern is new and not pulled from Debbie’s books. There are some lovely patterns using her Angel yarn – if only I could knit with these fluffy ones!

My Filatura Superior and Cotton Jeans should arrive tomorrow – just hope that John is out. I did mean to tell him about it today but somehow the right moment never arrived. Maybe in bed tonight!

Now I am going to watch football and have a rest!

February 15th – continued

Well, my broadband is back.  It has been an awful day. I woke up to find no internet or email!  I telephoned BT  ( in India! ) and they said it was a fault on the line and they would report it to the engineers.  I managed to print off the orders with my iPad – a very long-winded way of doing it as I had to download them to the iPad using 3G and then switch off 3G and turn on wireless so that the iPad could talk to the printer.  I had to type the addresses for the Dymo label printer – normally I copy and paste them but the iPad could not talk to the Dymo!  Thank God it is back now.  John has been grumpy as he wanted to check his share prices and without an internet connection he could not do so.

My Filatura Superior and Lovely Jeans are ready for delivery this week!  And some new Filatura books.  It is rather a large order – John will not be pleased.

For those of you who love colors, and I think most knitted do, take a look here. You can design color pallets and upload them and people rate them.  You have to open an account but it is free.  I am rapidly becoming addicted to it. My pallets are here. It is a fun way to waste time!

Now I must get on – so much to do and so little time!


February 15

My broadband is down and I am trying to do everything on my iPad and iPhone. It is hard going!
There is a fault on the line. I just wish they would fix it. I can print out orders with my iPad but I cannot put any new items in my store. Very frustrating. I will write more WHEN I am back on line.

February 13th

We went to the pub on Friday night but did not find out much.   The pub is owned by a pub management company and they have obviously decided to sell it. It does not have to be a pub anymore but could be made into a private house. Paul was less than forthcoming about it all. We shall have to wait and see.

Jackson went out for a little while yesterday and ended up on the roof of the house!  He jumped up onto a window cill and then up onto the guttering and then ran up the roof until he was on the top.  He walked along the ridge, tail waiving in the breeze. My heart was in my mouth but he came down when I called him.  Slip was a bad dog – she stole a box of bacon that I had left on the worktop and ate the lot!

Nothing much new on the yarn front. I am putting the new Ilga Leja patterns in my store – I wish I had time to knit them. llga is a lovely person to deal with and she deserves every success.

I made Hungarian Goulash for lunch – it was very hot and spicy, Slip still managed to down all the leftovers.

I am thinking about a vacation again and Jamaica is calling – watch this and you will see what I mean – or you may not!! I guess you either love or hate it.  Back tomorrow

February 11th

Well, we went to the dinner last night. Steve and Lynn collected us and we were the first ones to arrive.  Eventually everyone else drifted in and we were shown to the table.  It was one long table with seating both sides. I had Lynn on my left and Joanne on my right with Steve, John and Kevin opposite.  A waiter came and asked who was who and gave them each a little card with their choices from the menu on. This was to be put beside you on the table so that the waitresses could see who had ordered what.  There was no card for me!  Everyone else had their starters – nothing for me.  As is was smoked salmon they soon rustled it up.  Similarly with the main course, no duck for me!!   I told everyone else to start because their food would get cold. My duck came in the end and I enjoyed it and would order it again. The cheesecake was far too sweet for me and Joanne could not eat her sticky toffee pudding either – too sickly!

All in all, it was OK.  I did not get to speak to everyone as it was impossible. Joanne was telling me that when she goes to the annual dinner at her tennis club, they seat people on round tables of 6 or 8, and the ladies move tables after each course. I think that is a good idea.

The Three Horseshoes is up for sale!!  We do not know why – we are going there for a drink tonight to try and find out.  Goodness knows where Paul will go – obviously he was not on top of things or else it would not be sold from under his feet.

I have had Jackson for a year today – it seems to have flown by.  John shot a squirrel today and we tied it to a piece of string and let Jackson into the garden.  John hid behind a wall and twitched the string making the squirrel move.  Jackson was terrified and shot indoors. He is not the big bold hunter he thinks he is!!

Now I must cook dinner – Butternut Squash and Mushroom Filo pastry parcels!  Back tomorrow.

February 9th

I had emails from two customers saying that their parcels had finally arrived today. One was sent on December 20 and the other one on December 28.  I just hope all the other missing ones appear!

I am expecting some new patterns from Ilga Leha and also some gorgeous shawl pins from Pollika.

I have been trying to decide what to wear to the shoot dinner tomorrow night. I think I shall go for black velvet trousers with a silver-grey V neck top that has flowers appliqued on it in deep grey velvet. Black boots and my leopard coat!  Steve and Lynn are picking us up so John will not have to drive.

Jackson went out in the garden again today but was frightened by a woodpecker and shot it with his tail fluffed up.  He is uncertain when he is outside and soon rushes back into the safety of the house.

Now I am going to watch England play football against Denmark and knit for a bit.  Back tomorrow