March 30th

Rowan Studio 23

Studio 23 has just arrived. The designs are really nice – summery and using blocks of colour that are fashionable at the moment. Yarns uses are Savannah, Panama, Lenpur Linen and Shimmer. I will put it in my shop tomorrow.

I am thinking of buying a new car – a Mercedes SL, the big brother to my SLK.  The Mercedes man is going to look for a low mileage one for me. I am not buying new because the value drops the moment you drive it out of the showroom.

It has been very wet here all day today, Jackson does not like the rain and so has not ventured out.  We may go out for a drink tonight – I am not fussed either way.

Now I must cook dinner – Quiche Lorraine and Potato Dauphinoise.  Back tomorrow.

March 29th

We did not go crabbing!  We decided 100 miles each way to buy a few crabs was too far to go. I shall send for some by mail order instead!

Nothing much has happened today. Jackson has been in and out – no catches.  He does not mind wearing his collar at all but I take it off at bedtime as I think the stones might dig into him.  Slip is on a diet. She is putting on weight and so is only having dried all in one food. No more pork chops, roast beef, cheese, Chicken, rice or pasta.

I am having problems with my email at the moment – I cannot receive emails and so if you have emailed me, please bear with me until my ISP gets it sorted.

I am going to knit now and watch TV.  Back tomorrow!

March 28th

We are going on a crab hunt again tomorrow!  The landlord of the Three Willows has told us where he gets his crabs from and so we are going to get some. It is about 100 miles away. We will go in my car as it is much faster than the Land Rover. Slip will have to stay here with Jackson!  She hates being left behind and will sulk. I always give her a biscuit when we go out without her but she never eats it until we get back.

I have reduced Kidsilk Aura in Powder and Vintage to $50 a pack until April 1st.  I do not have much of either shade so don’t delay!

Jackson has been out in the garden for three hours.  He is not actually in the garden, I think he has gone into the adjacent field as there are lots of mice in the long grass.  I had better go and whistle him in as it is getting cold and I want to shut the patio door.  Back tomorrow!


March 26th


Jackson's First Kill!


Jackson is so proud!! He caught a shrew today and brought it in and gave it to me.  He was puffed up with pride!  He is out hunting at this moment – just hope he does not catch a bird as John is very anti cats catching birds!

We are going to the Three Willows for a meal tonight.Rumour has it that Paul in the Three Willows is going to buy the Three Horseshoes where the other Paul is!  I shall find out.

It is cold again today and it is made worse as I have to leave the patio door ajar so that Jackson can come and go.  We do have a cat flap but it opens into the kitchen and Jackson is not allowed in there as he jumps up onto the table!  I will have to think of a way round it.

Now I am going to put some things in my shop and then sit and knit for a bit. Back tomorrow.

March 25th

Jackson seems a little better again. He has spent a lot of time in the garden and I think perhaps the last regurgitations were just a one-off!  He is very obedient and comes immediately  whenI give two pips with Slip’s whistle!  I have issued him with a dark blue velvet “diamond” studded collar which he does not seem to mind. It has a large bell to warn any birds of his presence.


Alba - bottom rib and start of pattern


I am progressing with Alba but only 2 or 3 rounds in an evening. I find it quite tiring and have to concentrate until I have learned the pattern for each round!


Manos del Uruguay Serena


The Manos del Uruguay  Serena came today. It comes in bundles of 10 skeins and I have to make skeins of it which is rather time-consuming! It is a lovely yarn, so soft and silky.

I have reduced Rowan Kidsilk Aura in Walnut and  Antique Bronze to $50 a pack until Sunday Midnight GMT.  So stock up now!

Now I must go and get dinner ready – chicken in a very hot sauce with potato rosti and peas!  Back tomorrow.

March 23rd

Sorry I did not post yesterday. Jackson has started regurgitating again and he screams in pain. It is horrid to hear and he also does a low moaning sound.  Once he has regurgitated he is fine but I shall have to take him back to the university hospital. He may need another ballooning. Speaking of balloons, we found one in the garden yesterday and so I gave it to Jackson to play with last night. He was a bit scared of it at first but was soon batting it. In the end it burst and he was really frightened. He slunk along on his tummy and hid under a chair!

If anyone wants a free box of nibbles go here.  I have had one and they are delicious, You can choose from a vast range of healthy snacks and the first box is free, the second one is half price and subsequent ones are only £3.49. You can cancel at any time without obligation. This is only for UK nibblers!!

Ian from Designer Yarns is coming to see me next month to show me all the new winter yarns and books.  The time seems to fly by.  My ALba jacket is progressing. I have put stitch markers between each pattern repeat so that I can see where I am at – it makes it much easier and I am sure that, if the pattern fits between the markers, I have not gone wrong! There are 10 repeats of 32 stitches in one round plus edge and steek stitches.

Now I must get lunch 0- CHicken Noodle soup and then I am going to make Chile con Carne for dinner.  Off to the kitchen now!


March 21

We went to Coho on Saturday night. I had crab meat and avocado to start with and John had large prawns. Then I had the Confit of Duck and John had Halibut.  It was all very nice and well presented. Bill was £55 and that included 2 drinks each – not too bad.

Yesterday whilst cooking lunch, I somehow managed to lock my hob so that it would not turn on.  There was a little red key flashing in the display. Panic!  How was I going to cook the carrots and other vegetables?  Luckily, I found the manual and was able to get it going again.  It is security feature that you can use to prevent children turning the hob on. I had activated it by placing a saucepan on a certain part of the hob for more than 4 seconds.  It is a glass hob and you activate it by touch – there are no knobs to turn.

I am ordering more Debbie Abrahams beads tonight and also some more reduced Kureyon and Silk Garden Sock.

Jackson is out in the garden – he gets so excited when he sees a bird and yells at the top of his voice!  He loves Slip to chase him and usually retreats up a tree.  I think I had better go and get him in now as it is getting dark.  Back tomorrow.