March 21

We went to Coho on Saturday night. I had crab meat and avocado to start with and John had large prawns. Then I had the Confit of Duck and John had Halibut.  It was all very nice and well presented. Bill was £55 and that included 2 drinks each – not too bad.

Yesterday whilst cooking lunch, I somehow managed to lock my hob so that it would not turn on.  There was a little red key flashing in the display. Panic!  How was I going to cook the carrots and other vegetables?  Luckily, I found the manual and was able to get it going again.  It is security feature that you can use to prevent children turning the hob on. I had activated it by placing a saucepan on a certain part of the hob for more than 4 seconds.  It is a glass hob and you activate it by touch – there are no knobs to turn.

I am ordering more Debbie Abrahams beads tonight and also some more reduced Kureyon and Silk Garden Sock.

Jackson is out in the garden – he gets so excited when he sees a bird and yells at the top of his voice!  He loves Slip to chase him and usually retreats up a tree.  I think I had better go and get him in now as it is getting dark.  Back tomorrow.


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