March 23rd

Sorry I did not post yesterday. Jackson has started regurgitating again and he screams in pain. It is horrid to hear and he also does a low moaning sound.  Once he has regurgitated he is fine but I shall have to take him back to the university hospital. He may need another ballooning. Speaking of balloons, we found one in the garden yesterday and so I gave it to Jackson to play with last night. He was a bit scared of it at first but was soon batting it. In the end it burst and he was really frightened. He slunk along on his tummy and hid under a chair!

If anyone wants a free box of nibbles go here.  I have had one and they are delicious, You can choose from a vast range of healthy snacks and the first box is free, the second one is half price and subsequent ones are only £3.49. You can cancel at any time without obligation. This is only for UK nibblers!!

Ian from Designer Yarns is coming to see me next month to show me all the new winter yarns and books.  The time seems to fly by.  My ALba jacket is progressing. I have put stitch markers between each pattern repeat so that I can see where I am at – it makes it much easier and I am sure that, if the pattern fits between the markers, I have not gone wrong! There are 10 repeats of 32 stitches in one round plus edge and steek stitches.

Now I must get lunch 0- CHicken Noodle soup and then I am going to make Chile con Carne for dinner.  Off to the kitchen now!



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