March 26th


Jackson's First Kill!


Jackson is so proud!! He caught a shrew today and brought it in and gave it to me.  He was puffed up with pride!  He is out hunting at this moment – just hope he does not catch a bird as John is very anti cats catching birds!

We are going to the Three Willows for a meal tonight.Rumour has it that Paul in the Three Willows is going to buy the Three Horseshoes where the other Paul is!  I shall find out.

It is cold again today and it is made worse as I have to leave the patio door ajar so that Jackson can come and go.  We do have a cat flap but it opens into the kitchen and Jackson is not allowed in there as he jumps up onto the table!  I will have to think of a way round it.

Now I am going to put some things in my shop and then sit and knit for a bit. Back tomorrow.


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