March 28th

We are going on a crab hunt again tomorrow!  The landlord of the Three Willows has told us where he gets his crabs from and so we are going to get some. It is about 100 miles away. We will go in my car as it is much faster than the Land Rover. Slip will have to stay here with Jackson!  She hates being left behind and will sulk. I always give her a biscuit when we go out without her but she never eats it until we get back.

I have reduced Kidsilk Aura in Powder and Vintage to $50 a pack until April 1st.  I do not have much of either shade so don’t delay!

Jackson has been out in the garden for three hours.  He is not actually in the garden, I think he has gone into the adjacent field as there are lots of mice in the long grass.  I had better go and whistle him in as it is getting cold and I want to shut the patio door.  Back tomorrow!



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