March 19th

Our trip to the pub to hear the St. Patrick’s Day  band was not a success.  We were about to leave  home when John suddenly asked me where Jackson was.  I had seen him ten minutes before as he tried to get into the bedroom when I was getting ready.  I called him – no response! We searched cupboards, drawers, shelves, under the tables, under my desk… sign of him.  I was positive he could not have got outside as the doors were all shut.  John soon grew tired of looking for him and said we must go!   So we went.  I was worrying all the time and we decided to come home.  The band had not even started to play but I needed to find Jackson.  When we got home, there he was, sitting on a chair in my office.  We shall never know where he was hiding……!

Alba is progressing, I am now on round 3 of the body.  It is not a hard knit, you just have to concentrate until the pattern is set.

Tonight we are going to Coho for a meal – menu is here.  I think I shall have the crab and prawns to start with and then the confit of duck. I expect John will have the prawns and the steak.  We are going on our own. Then we are going to the pub as usual.  I had my hair cut this morning. The hairdresser and I decided it is long enough now and so he tidied it up and cut my fringe.  It is cut in a bob with a heavy straight fringe – like Anna Wintour!

No news on the yarn front – I promise to do the list of discontinued  Debbie Bliss and Noro tomorrow!  Going to play ball with Jackson now!


March 17th

I am sorry to say my nut roast was not an unqualified success.  It was rather dry and played havoc with my false teeth!!  John had indigestion afterwards and so I shall not be making another one!

My Kidsilk Aura has arrived and is in my shop – the Sapphire is very like Heavenly in the Kidsilk Haze range – perhaps a bit deeper blue.  I have also received a list of Noro and Debbie Bliss yarns that are being discontinued and I will put a list on my site tomorrow – it will be full packs to order only.

We are going out for a drink tonight as it is St.Patrick’s day and there will be an Irish band in the pub!  I used to love going to Ireland for St. Patrick’s day – maybe we should go again?

Jackson is out in the garden with Slip – they tend to hunt together – Jackson has yet to catch anything of consequence.  He did have a wee outside today – I saw him digging a hole in the heap of grass cuttings and he back filled afterwards!!

Now I must go and do some egg and bread crumbing  – haddock for John and veal for me!  Back tomorrow.

March 15th

Alba Edging - 3 rows to go!

I did not finish the ribbing on Alba last night in spite of my intentions!  I find that knitting makes my chilblains irritate after a while – it must be the friction of the wool!

I made a nut roast this afternoon. I have never made one from scratch before. It was somewhat labor intensive as I had to toast the nuts, then process them and add cooked brown rice, 2 eggs, garlic, finely chopped spring onions and cheese. It is now in the oven, roasting. Then I have to make a béchamel sauce with chives in it – we shall see how it all turns out!

Nothing new on the yarn front – the next arrival will be Kim Hargreaves new book in April. My Kidsilk Aura should come tomorrow – I have told John about it and so do not have to worry when I see the truck arrive!!   Back tomorrow.

March 14th

We went for the Indian meal on Saturday. It was quite an upmarket sort of place – no thick flock wallpaper or model elephants! John and I had tiger prawns in filo pastry to start with and Lynne and Steve had baby shark!  I had a taste of the shark and did not care for it. Then I had a prawn biriani, John had baby chicken in a hot sauce, Lynne had prawns in a spinach sauce and Steve had duck in a hot sauce.  It was OK but not wonderful. We did not have desserts, John and Steve had Japanese tea ( I thought it was awful), Lynne had a glass of Creme de Menthe and I had a Sambuca .  The whole bill came to $275 which I thought was a lot!!

I am getting some more Kidsilk Aura in two shades that I have not had before – at a special price.  Also some more Damson is coming.  A new discontinued list is coming too and so I will list all that is available on my site as soon as I get it.

ALba is coming along – I should finish the bottom rib tonight and will post a photo tomorrow.  Back then.

March 12th


Alba Edging - Slight Progress


Sorry I did not write yesterday – I was watching the dreadful events unfolding in Japan.

The ribbing for Alba is half done now – it is very pretty, the color changes are very subtle. A variety of yarns are used for this rib including Wool/Cotton, Designer DK, Lightweight DK, Kafffe Fassett’s Kid Silk and Lambswool Tweed.

We are going out to a new Indian restaurant tonight with Lynne and Steve.  They are picking us up at 6.30. It is only about two miles away. I am not really a great fan of Indian food but will go with an open mind.

Jackson regurgitated again yesterday but he seems bright enough and is out in the garden at the moment. He does not go far and I am not so worried about him straying onto the road now.

I will write more tomorrow, I have to wash my hair now and do my nails!!

March 10th


Alba bottom edge


Progress with Alba is somewhat slow – snail slow in fact!   Jackson does not help – he likes to bite the cord of the circular needle and is a nuisance. Also my chilblains do not help – knitting seems to make them itch!

Jackson has been outside again and had great fun chasing leaves. It has been very windy all day but not so cold.   I had a Rowan delivery today, mostly Felted Tweed and some Lima. It is sort of between seasons for buying. I far prefer the winter yarns to the summer ones in general altho’ the summer colors are always very pretty.

I am going to cook sweet and sour chicken from scratch for dinner – not in batter but in a sauce -better for our waistlines!  In fact I had better go and make a start, it is 4.10pm already!

March 8th

I have spent the greater part of today trying to bring some semblance of order to the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  It was not an easy task as I have 3 racks and 3 boxes of it – all jumbled up as far as color goes.  So I got it all out and have now put packs of the same shade together and made a list of which rack or box each shade is in!!

My Alba jacket came to a swift end last night.  I cast on the necessary 306 stitches and knitted the first round, only to find I had a twist in the cast on edge and so I had to undo it all and start again.  I have now done the first round again and it is correct this time.

Jackson has been outside most of the day.  He nearly caught a pigeon that was eating some bread I had thrown out. He charged at it and it flew off but did not get much elevation and Jackson jumped high and nearly grabbed it.  He is exhausted now and is fast asleep in his hammock.

We had pancakes for dinner – John would try to toss them and was hopeless!  He did not throw them high enough and they folded in half!  I managed to rescue them with a spatula.

Now I am going to do round 2 of Alba and watch TV!