April 30th

All is not good! Jackson is missing. We went to the clay pigeon shoot at 2pm Jackson was out  but that was OK.  We came back at 5pm to let Slip out and feed her. We whistled for Jackson but he did not come.  We had to go back for the hog roast but left the patio door ajar so that Jackson could get in.  We can home at 7,30pm and we have searched and called and whistled and there is no sign of him. I am now very  frightened and upset.  John is searching the hedges and fields right now.  I do not now what to think.  I am sure he has not been run over – I will report back if I have any news.

April 29th

Well, it’s all over now!!  I was not over the moon with the wedding dress, I thought it was OK but nothing special. Of course, she looked beautiful – I just expected something with a bit more wow!  Also the chief bridesmaid’s dress – not what I expected!  The Queen did me proud by wearing yellow – not one single person guessed she would wear a yellow hat!  Blue was the most popular followed by pink!

I am wondering what to wear to the hog roast tomorrow. I think I shall opt for jeans as it might be cold. Also I shall feel more comfortable doing the clay pigeon shooting in jeans and flat shoes or boots. There are going to be about sixty people but I know most of them. It starts at 2.0pm.  I am having my hair washed and blow dried in the morning. If I had the time and the money, I would have it done every day!

Now I had better get on and do some packing – the day seems to have slipped away.  Back tomorrow.

April 28th

Multi Wood Triangular Shawl Pin

I received a BIG box of shawl pins from India this afternoon.  There are lots of new designs and new woods.  Luckily John had gone fishing with Kevin and so did not see them arrive and I have managed to smuggle some away!! I also received the new shades of Manos Lace Weight and some patterns for Manos Serena.

The answer to the contest questions was Stillwater as Flying Geese and Morning Glory are both patterns in the book.  And we have a winner…Alison Whitefield wins a pack of Kidsilk Aura in Antique Bronze!  I am also going to send Monica Almaraz a consolation prize of 5 balls as she did very well and had the language barrier to deal with.  Monica, please email me your address!!

Now for a Royal Wedding give away.  Email me with the colour of the Queen’s hat BEFORE she appears tomorrow and if you are right I will send you a ball of Kidsilk Haze in Drab.  Just tell me the main colour – red or blue or green or whatever!!  Everyone who gets it right gets a ball of Drab for free!!    Send your answers to hat@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk please – that way it keeps the emails separate from the others and I can find them quickly!

I am cooking Mexican Pork tortillas tonight – a new recipe for me!  Now I must go and get ready for the postman – enjoy the wedding!!

April 27th

La Mode Buttons

La Mode Damask Buttons

These are some rather nice buttons that are coming in early May. There are several designs in different colours.

Jackson has caught one rabbit, one spider and one shrew today.  His special collar has not arrived yet- I expect things are slow because of Easter.

I am looking forward to the Royal Wedding – it is a public holiday here.  Then on Saturday we are going to a hog roast. It is Steve’s birthday and Lynne has organised a clay pigeon shoot followed by a hog roast.  It is in a field near my house. I just hope it does not rain.

John is disappointed that his Ireland fishing trip was not to be – there still has not been any rain over there.  He is waiting for a phone call to tell him the salmon are running.  He may go lake fishing tomorrow at Graffham  Water which is about an hour from here.

Slip is in season and is very glossy. I would quite like her to have puppies but I would like it better if Jackson were to have kittens – not very likely!

Now I must go and get ready for the postman who will be here soon.  Never a dull moment!

April 25th

Sorry I did not write yesterday. We went to the Loch Fyne restaurant on Saturday with Steve and Lynne and both John and I had very upset tummies yesterday.  Steve and I had deep fried squid to start with and John and Lynn had whitebait. Then Steve, John and I had half a lobster each and Lynne had monkfish and king prawns.  I think John and I must have had one half each of the same lobster as Steve was not upset but we certainly were!  It tasted fine but it was in a chilli and lime sauce and so we most probably would not have noticed any “off” taste.

Araucania Botany Lace Yarn

This is a new summer yarn from Araucania. It is lace weight and is botany wool. The skeins are 100g but I do not know the yardage as it is not given on my sample.

Now for the contest!  Alison, Monica, Jacki and Joanne were all correct  – the answers were shades of  Panama, shades of Siena and Waterloo Sunset. Here is the next question:
Where would you find Flying Geese alongside Morning Glory?  Answers by midnight Wednesday.

Jackson has not caught anymore birds and I have fitted a bigger bell to his collar. I am sending for a Cat Alert collar – you can read about it here.

Now I must go and pack some parcels – back tomorrow!

April 23rd


Jackson's First Rabbit


Note Camouflage Collar!

Jackson caught his first rabbit this morning! It was only a baby one but he was very proud!  He growled at me when I tried to touch it. He did not eat it, he just sat beside it and patted it!! I have taken it away now as it is so hot here and it will attract flies. Two hours later, he blotted his copybook by returning with a dead Greenfinch.  John was not pleased and I had to go to the pet store and buy a bigger bell for his collar!

We are going to the Loch Fyne restaurant tonight with Steve and Lynne. They are picking us up at 6.0pm.  The restaurant has a new summer menu – see here!  I see there are lots of crab dishes – wonder what to have!

Nothing much else to report at the moment – I will write again tomorrow!

April 22nd

Kim Hargreaves Whisper

Kim Hargreaves Whisper

I have now put Whisper in my store!! They are lovely designs but I think the model has rather chubby legs!!

Now for the contest – Monica, Alison, Jacki and Joanne are through to the next round.  The answer to the last question was Maggie May!  Here are the next lot! They are all connected to yarn.

Where would you find Orchid alongside Dahlia, Begonia and other blossoms?

And where would you find Greengage and Sloe alongside varieties  of curry?

And join a London station to #509 for a song by a 1960s group.

Answers by midnight Monday 25th April.

John is still undecided as to whether to go to Ireland on Monday – he will make a decision on Sunday!

Now I am going to sit in the garden for a bit – nice and sunny here!