April 23rd


Jackson's First Rabbit


Note Camouflage Collar!

Jackson caught his first rabbit this morning! It was only a baby one but he was very proud!  He growled at me when I tried to touch it. He did not eat it, he just sat beside it and patted it!! I have taken it away now as it is so hot here and it will attract flies. Two hours later, he blotted his copybook by returning with a dead Greenfinch.  John was not pleased and I had to go to the pet store and buy a bigger bell for his collar!

We are going to the Loch Fyne restaurant tonight with Steve and Lynne. They are picking us up at 6.0pm.  The restaurant has a new summer menu – see here!  I see there are lots of crab dishes – wonder what to have!

Nothing much else to report at the moment – I will write again tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “April 23rd

  1. I find it rather heartbreaking that Jackson has killed a baby bunny especially the day before Easter and am sure that little creatures life was just as special as the Greenfinch. As for a bigger bell, I’ve seen cats move quite swiftly when catching things and the bell doesn’t even have a chance to make a sound.

    • Yes, Jacki, I totally agree with you…all lives are as precious as one another. My husband does not see it like that because the rabbits dig up the lawn and eat his vegetables!! They do make a mess of the lawn and the ride on mower is difficult to control when there are holes everywhere.
      I know bells are not a great deterrent but they are better than nothing. You cannot stop cats hunting and catching prey – I wish I could!

  2. Cats are predators and their instinct is to hunt. As a vegetarian/vegan who usually is not preachy I don’t understand why people value the life of a bird or baby bunny over thousands of farmed, caged chickens whose meat and eggs they eat without a second thought or any other animal that is raised for meat including the rabbits…. in awful conditions….why do they not elicit the same reaction ….why do people not care as much ?
    People can make choices animals cannot. I do need to buy meat for my dog and cats and have sought out small farmers who humanely raise their livestock. Their lives may be short but the quality and care was good. My only other option would be not to have predators as companion animals.

  3. Cats will be cats. They hunt. All the games they play as kittens are trainging for hunting. Life is sacred, but my guess is that Jackson probably isn’t tuned in to the variety of human sensiblities on the subject. We can, however, turn our sensibilities, reason and energy to making the world better. There are plenty of ’causes’ out there! Join something!

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