April 30th

All is not good! Jackson is missing. We went to the clay pigeon shoot at 2pm Jackson was out  but that was OK.  We came back at 5pm to let Slip out and feed her. We whistled for Jackson but he did not come.  We had to go back for the hog roast but left the patio door ajar so that Jackson could get in.  We can home at 7,30pm and we have searched and called and whistled and there is no sign of him. I am now very  frightened and upset.  John is searching the hedges and fields right now.  I do not now what to think.  I am sure he has not been run over – I will report back if I have any news.

7 thoughts on “April 30th

    • Yes! He is back. Very tired and feeling fat. Maybe he caught a rabbit and ate it! He has gone straight into his sleeping bag and is now fast asleep I was so afraid that someone had stolen him . I was crying and shaking and felt I should not have gone out and left him. but all is well and so maybe I am too like a mother hen looking after her chicks ! J xx

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  1. Oh Jannette I’m so glad to see that he is back. He probably got a bit overconfident, strayed slightly too far from home, and gave himself a good fright. Now that he’s had a taste of “outdoor life”, there will be no reeling him back in… When our male cat was younger he’d go walkabout at the beginning of every spring. The longest he went missing was three days and two nights.

  2. So glad he is back again!

    I remember how our male cats always used to go walkabout in spring – they would stay away sometimes for two or three days, it was really worrying at the time. But it is just their nature, and they know where home is.

  3. Oh my goodness I was so worried!!!! I’m so glad he’s back. Hope you’ve managed to relax a bit by now. I would have been exactly the same – in fact my cats are house cats only these days.


  4. I’m so glad he’s back. I think I’d be far more worried of someone stealing him than him coming to any sort of harm. Does he have a tattoo or a collar with his name and phone number on it?

    You poor thing. What a way to ruin an evening.

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