April 21st

Whisper by Kim Hargreaves

Just Arrived!

Guess what has just arrived!   Yes, Kim Hargreaves new Whisper book!  I have not had chance to look at it yet but will put it in my shop tomorrow.

We found the missing keys!!  They were on the floor in one of my warehouses – John found them!  He was not looking for them and there they were. So I did not have to get anymore cut today!  I think I must have put them on the packing bench and then knocked them off.

I am in a rush as my brother is coming in about an hour’s time. I will update the contest first thing tomorrow! Back then.

April 20th

I am in big trouble! I hate lost the set of keys that open my yarn storage buildings!  John is not pleased!  I think they may have fallen out of my pocket into one of the boxes of yarn….but which one?   We do have a spare set. I shall have to get more cut tomorrow.

Noro Kama

Noro Kama

This is Noro Kama. There are eight shades and it is 26% wool, 25% Silk, 25% Alpaca, 12% Angora and 12% Kid Mohair. It is aran weight. There are 75 meters per 50g ball. It is softer than some of Noro’s other yarns. I do have a shade card for it and will scan it and post it here tomorrow.There are new shades in Kochoran, Kogarashi, Kureyon, Silk Garden and Silk Garden Sock.

Jackson came home without his collar last night and so I bought him a new one today. John found the old one this afternoon, it was underneath the walnut tree!

Now I must go and look for these keys again – I so wish I could find them!

April 19th

Debbie Bliss RIva

Riva is a new yarn from Debbie for Fall 2011.  It is 70% Wool and 30% Acrylic and feels light. It knits on US 10.5 needles and is chunky weight. From memory, I think there are 8 marled shades, but there could be more! There is a Riva pattern book

Debbie Bliss Paloma

Paloma is a another new yarn from Debbie. It is also chunky weight and is like the old Rowan Cork in construction. I think there are 12 colors and there is a Paloma pattern book.

Rialto Chunky

The third new introduction from Debbie is Rialto Chunky. 100% Merino Wool and using US 10.5 needles.

There seems to be a lot of chunky yarns for the up coming season. I am not a great fan of them  myself.

It has been hot here today. Jackson caught one shrew and one vole.  John is now saying that he may not go to Ireland next week as there has been no rain and the river is low. He will keep in touch with his contacts there and see!  Just as well I have not placed any large orders thinking I could smuggle them in!

Now I am going to groom Jackson. He loves being brushed and rolls over in ecstasy!  Back tomorrow!

April 18th

First, the contest!  I received correct answers from Alison Whitefield, Joan Rigg,  Jacki Ross,  Joanne Bamey and Monica Almaraz.  The answers were
1 – Maine – Arizona = Maze
2 – Montana – Arkansas = Mart
3 – Delaware – Ontario = Done
4 – Nova Scotia – Alberta = Nabs
5 – Colorado – Iowa = Ciao

Now for the next question….think of a song title that contains the name of a Prime Minister and a month of the year!  Answers by Midnight Wednesday April 20th.

Here is what it says in my magazine about Rowan Magazine #50.  AUtumn/Winter is set to be the season of heavily layered looks contrasting with elegant shapes that celebrate the female form. Chunky, natural soft wool and alpaca blends feature alongside colour-rich wool twists plus silk and mohair blends.

These trends are reflected in the three design stories in Rowan Magazine 50. The first story, called Wildwood, includes time-worn florals and heritage, country pieces in a collection of unstructured knits. Cape coats, over-sized slouchy jumpers and cardigans are key alongside fitted layer sweaters and collapsed collar details.

In contrast, the second story, Finesse, is understated in character with leek and lean knits shaped by retro influences. Stitches are simple, yet dainty, with vintage detail, Fairisle and fine lace showcasing textures.

The third story. Winter Essentials, identifies the best shapes from the catwalk and translate them into simplified, easy-to-wear styles.

The magazine will launch on July 5th.

Louisa Harding Nerissa

Louisa Harding Nerissa

Ian from Designer Yarns came today and showed me all the new Noro, Debbie Bliss and Louisa Harding yarns for winter.

Nerissa is cotton chenille with a velvety feel.  It comes in rich shades – purples, teal, deep green, rich blue and so on. There will be a pattern book also called Nerissa with eight designs.

Louisa Harding Gllitter Mohair

Louisa Harding Simonetta

Simonetta is a light Kid Mohair entwined with a metallic haze which knits up to a light as air fabric. I saw a knitted swatch and it is very pretty. The metallic bits are in groups along the length of the yarn – I think you can see this in the photo. There is a book too.

Louisa has a third new yarn, I do not have a sample ball but it is Grace Hand-Beaded.  Essential it is Grace that has been hand threaded with beads and then spun together. There is a book called Three Graces which uses this new yarn along with Grace and Hand Dyed Grace.

There are new shades of Millais, Thistle and Willow Tweed too!

Tomorrow I will tell you about the new Debbie Bliss yarns. Now I must get on – I am way behind!

April 16th

John has just booked his flights to Ireland. He goes on April 25th and comes back on the 29th. And, guess what? The return flight lands at 11.30 am – right in the middle of the Royal Wedding.  I am not a happy camper as I shall have to go and fetch him from the airport and miss the wedding.  I am wondering if I can persuade one of his male friends to go and fetch him – maybe they will not be so interested in the wedding!

I receive a trade magazine about crafts each month – I don’t know why it is sent to me as I have never requested it. In the issue I received yesterday there is some info about the new Rowan winter yarns. Here is what it says:

Rowan introduce a patterned winter collection of 15 garment and 6 accessory designs by Marie Wallin, Lisa Richardson and Grace Melville. The design brochure is called Nordic Tweed and key stitch, cable textures and Norwegian Fairisles feature heavily throughout.

The collection promotes three new yarns – the first, Colourspun, is a soft wool and mohair yarn available in 10 shaded colours, white Heritage and Fine Heritage Tweed, two traditionally spun tweed yarns made in Yorkshire, demonstrate Rowan’s continued commitment to support the British Yarn Industry. Heritage and Fine Heritage Tweed are available in 18 and 24 shades respectively.

So now we know!!  The magazine also has details of Rowan Magazine #50 and another new book – I will type them out tomorrow!

We are going out to eat tonight at the Three Willows. I had my hair cut this morning so at least I won’t have to battle with the hair dryer tonight.  Jackson has been out for 7 hours – I can see him at the bottom of the garden, he is sitting listening for any movements in the long grass.

Now I must go and iron – always something to do!

April 14th

Right, here is a list of those who are through to the second round of this contest: Alison Whitefield, Joanne Blamey, Louisa Soares de Oliveria,  Jacki Ross, Joan Rigg, Monica Almarez and Helen McCorry.  The answers were Je’taime, Sexual Healing and Let’s Get it on! Just in case you want to here Je t’aime  – click on this link:

Je t’aime, moi non plus

Now, here is part two!

As you know, in the US and Canada each state and province has a two letter postal abbreviation. In this teaser, you are required to place one abbreviation between the letters of a second abbreviation (so that they form the first and fourth letters) to get the word described.
Example – Arkansas (AR) + Connecticut (CT) C+AR+T =CART

1) Place the two letter abbreviation of one state between the two letter abbreviation of another state to make a word meaning labyrinth.

2) Place the two letter abbreviation of one state between the two letter abbreviation of another state to make a word meaning store.

3) Place the two letter abbreviation of a province between the two letter abbreviation of a state to make a word that means finished.

4) Place the two letter abbreviation of a province between the two letter abbreviation of another province to make a word that means grabs.

5) Place the two letter abbreviation of one state between the two letter abbreviation of another state to make a word meaning hello.


Answers to contest@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk by Midnight GMT Sunday 17th April.

We have been potting up our hanging baskets today. They will have to stay in the greenhouse for a bit in case there is a frost but they are done!  Jackson caught a vole this morning and gave it to me. Luckily he does not seem to be interested in birds.

Now I must get on and pack some parcels, back tomorrow

April 13th

I am feeling a bit better today as I slept well last night and so feel more refreshed.

John and Slip have been out fishing all day and I have seven trout to gut – not my favorite job!  Jackson was out when I wanted to go shopping this morning and he did not come when I blew my whistle. I decided to leave him out but I was worried all the time I was shopping and anxiously scoured the roads on my way home for a spotted corpse.  All was well, he was sitting by the patio door waiting for me to let him in.

John is talking of going to Ireland any day now – he is just waiting for a phone call to tell him that the fish are running.  Maybe I can sneak some big orders in whilst he is gone!

Oops, here comes the postman – I will have to dash. I will be back tomorrow with the names of the contestants who got my song questions right!