June 28th

Alder Wrap in Kidsilk Haze

This wrap is in Rowan Magazine #50. I think it will be popular.  Today I sorted the Wool Cotton odd ball box and have put half of it in my shop. It is not so hot today and we have had a lot of thunder.

John has gone fishing with Kevin and won’t be back until late.  I am going to take Slip for a walk in a minute and also water the greenhouse. I shall need to put over trousers on as the long grass in the field where we walk is very wet.

Jackson was out all night and is fast asleep in his hammock at the moment.  He won’t wake until ten tonight and then he will have a piece of cheese and set off on patrol.  He always comes back at 7.0am and waits by the patio door to be let in. He gives a yell as he walks past our bedroom window to make sure we are getting up.  I think he must have some sort of inbuilt clock!

OK, I am going with Slip now as it looks like rain again.  Back tomorrow







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