June 30th

Hmm!  I see that Kate wore navy blue when the flight left London today. Presuming she does not change clothes mid Atlantic (!), the following were correct with their guess : Joan Rigg, cjhurt2516, Karen Caddick, and Felice Ward. We need another question……OK, on July 3rd they go to Quebec,  What colour will Kate’s shoes be?  Answers to canada@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk by Midnight July 2 GMT.

We took Jackson to the Cambridge University Hospital today as Joel telephoned and said they really did need to see what was going on in Jackson’s throat.  We left him there and went shopping in Cambridge for an hour. When we went back Joel showed me the film they had taken of food progressing down his throat and I could see where it narrowed and the food had a job to get down.  Joel said it did not need treatment at the moment as food was getting down – just rather slowly. So we are to take him back in 6 months for another check.  He was weighed and has gained 500g. He is 4.2kg.

I never want to see another ball of Wool/Cotton!  I have finally finished sorting it – so many single balls in the same shade from different lots.  Next I think I will do the last box of Big Wool.

Now I must get on as I have been out for 4 hours and am behind!


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