June 23rd

I did not take Jackson to the Veterinary hospital. I cancelled the appointment.  I decided that I did not want to put him through the stress of the car journey and being poked and prodded. He is OK at the moment and I did not really see the point of subjecting him to more procedures. Different if he was regurgitating.

I have put more Kid Classic in my store – I had forgotten how lovely this yarn feels.  I have never made anything with it – I must put it on my list of yarns to try!

We are going out now for a drink in the Brewery Tap – about 3 miles away.  I will report back tomorrow.


June 22nd

I have started on the next box of Kid Classic and have put some in my store.  I want to do as much as I can tonight by the way of photographing it as we are taking Jackson to the Vet tomorrow and don’t know how long we will be.

John got back from fishing at 11.00 last night with eight trout which Slip is eating!!  She loves trout.

Jackson is in disgrace with John as he caught and killed a baby robin this morning.  He also caught 2 voles and one mouse!   It has been wet here, he does not like the rain and flies in at the first drop.

Now I must get on – I will report on Jackson’s health tomorrow.

June 20th

Sorry, I should have announced the winner of the contest several days ago – I forgot!   Slip was quite offend at the high weights some of you suggested – I only weight 98 lbs and some of the guesses for Slip’s weight were not far off this!  She weighs 63lbs and Christine Craig from Ann Arbor in Michigan was spot on!  Well done!  I will ship your prize tomorrow.

Joel, the vet rang again today. We are to take Jackson on Thursday afternoon – the imaging machine is reserved for him at 2.0pm.  I am to starve him from the evening before so that he will eat the food with the barium in – at least we hope he will!!

Today I am working on the 4 Ply Soft and Alpaca Soft box – lots of single balls!!

John and Kevin are going fishing at 4.0pm tomorrow and staying out until dark and won’t be home until midnight.  I shall not wait up!

Now I must go back to the 4 Ply Soft – back tomorrow!

June 19th

Phew!  I have just tackled a box of Big Wool odd balls. There were so many different dye lots – I have made them up into packs of mixed balls keeping the dye lots the same for each shade.

We went out for a meal to the 3 Willows last night and they had crab!  Paul, the landlord, will be taking possession of the 3 Horseshoes on Wednesday – the drunken Paul leaves today. John has gone there for a drink right now. It is sad in one way but you can’t run a business theway Paul did.  He is never behind the bar but sits on the customers side drinking and employs girls to work the bar.  I shall be interested to hear what went on this last lunch time!

I am cooking a vindaloo chicken curry followed by pancakes with lemon sauce for lunch.  My turkey neck has gone and I am back to my swan-like self!

Now I must away to the kitchen and make the pancake batter!  Back tomorrow.

June 18th

Well, the swelling has gone from my face and is now in my neck on the left hand side. A big soft lump that wobbles when I move my head or walk.  It does not hurt but it looks horrid – I have gone from being a hamster to a turkey! I shall have to wear a high neck when we go out to eat tonight. I just hope it goes as I do not know what to do to treat it.

Joel, the vet who looked after Jackson when he had his operation and ballooning at the Cambridge University Small Animal Hospital, telephone me last night.  He wanted to know how Jackson was doing and suggested that we take him to the hospital next week and they will do a fluoroscopy.  He won’t be put to sleep, he just has to eat some food with barium in it and then they will put him in the machine and will be able to see what is going on in his throat and how the stricture is. So I am going to do this.  It will be interesting to know if the hard food is keeping the stricture at bay.  Joel will telephone me on Monday with a date and time.

I have put lots of Felted Tweed in my store at a good price – still lots more to do! In fact I had better go and get on with it – the table is covered with Felted Tweed at the moment.  Back tomorrow when I hope to be non- turkey!

June 17th

I woke up this morning with hamster face. One of my salivary glands is blocked and the left side of my face by my jaw bone is huge!  It is very painful to touch and tight as a drum. I went to the supermarket and bought a lemon and have been sucking it hoping that it will cause the saliva to flow.

Today I have put all the odd balls of Cashsoft 4 ply in my store. There was a lot to sort out and make up into lots. John has had a sort out in the garage and taking the remaining odd ball boxes off the pallet  so that I can get at them more easily. He did have a slight moan at the amount but not too bad.

We went to the pub last night and Paul, the drunken landlord, leaves on Sunday.  The other Paul, who has the 3 Horseshoes has bought the 3 Willows and is closing it for 2 months in order to gut it and alter the interior.   The 3 Horseshoes Paul will most probably turn it into a restaurant pub whereas it is a drinking pub at the moment.  We may go to the 3 Willows tomorrow to find out more!

Now I must feed Slip – she is having baked trout tonight.  Back tomorrow.

June 16th

Phew!  I have been so busy sorting out all the odd balls. Today I tackled the Cashsoft Chunky and Aran and the Chunky Print and made a start on the Cashsoft 4 Ply. The Cashsoft Chunky and Aran and the Chunky Print are in my store along with some of the Cashsoft 4 Ply.

Now to the contest.  The answer was Swan Upping and Jacki, Fiona, Joan, Christine,Annmaree  and Janet were correct.  Next question : How much does Slip weigh? Bear in mind she is three years old and greedy. Answer to slipsweight@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk by Midnight Friday UK time.

We are going out for a drink this evening to see what is going on in the pub that is closing on Sunday. It will need to be completely refurbished before it re-opens as it is very old fashioned and none too clean!

Now I am going to sort some more Cashsoft 4 Ply – there are loads of odd balls and so I am making them into lots of toning shades. Back tomorrow.