August 23rd

We have a winner for the distorted object contest!!

This is a hand held egg whisk!!  I had many weird and wonderful answers including a tortoise!  Only one person was correct – Janet Leng!  Please let me know what colours of Angel you would like and I will send them right out. I will start a new contest tomorrow.

It has rained all day here today and there are floods.  Jackson has not ventured out. He has been a bad cat – I see he has plucked all the stuffing out of Slip’s padded basket liner!! There are clumps of white stuffing in the bottom of the basket.

Some Rowan arrived today including two shades of Fine Lace  that are not on the shade card for some reason.  The new Louisa Harding books and Noro Kama are due any day now,

Now I am going to have a rest – this weather is so depressing.  Back tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “August 23rd

  1. Hooray!!!! At last! I failed on Kate’s dress colours, the length of Jackson from nose tom tail tip, the length of the Rumba and so on and so on. I’ve never tried Debbie Bliss Angel but love Kidsilk Haze so I’m sure I will enjoy choosing and using. THANK YOU!

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