August 25th

Sorry I did not write yesterday.  It was a disaster day!  John had an accident in his Land Rover.  The car in front of him stopped suddenly  because another car had jumped the traffic lights and John ran into the back of the car that had stopped. John only suffered a broken number plate and the other car had a broken light and damaged bumper.  So a great part of the day was spent talking to insurance companies and ordering a new front number plate for John.

Jackson is not at all well, he is listless and will not come out of his pen.  I am going to ring Cambridge University hospital as soon as they open at 9.0am.  Maybe he needs ballooning.

I received the Noro Kama yesterday and am going to photograph it and put it in my shop today. I also received Nerissa and Three Graces which are two of Louisa Harding’s new books.

I will be back later with the new contest – I just can’t seem to think of a question at the moment as I am worrying about Jackson.

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