August 25th Update

Noro Kama

Noro Kama #08

Well, I am no further forward. I rang the Cambridge Veterinary Hospital at 9.0am. The receptionist said that Joel, the Vet who treated Jackson previously, no longer worked in Small Animals and has moved to Equine and Large Animals.  She said she would get another Vet to call me but nothing yet and I can’t ring again as the switchboard closes at 5.30 and it is now 6.30!  Jackson slept most of the day but has just gone out and returned with a vole. It was unharmed and we rescued it and set it free.  He is eating but so slowly – 20 minutes or more to eat a dessert spoonful of biscuits. If no one calls me, I shall have to ring again in the morning.  I have known them call up to 8.0 pm and so have not given up hope yet.

I have put the Noro Kama in my store – the colours are lovely. It is expensive but really does feel soft and silky – a scarf would be nice knitted in it and it would not cost the earth.

My cold is still raging and now John has caught it.  We need a holiday!!   I honestly do not feel up to starting another contest today but promise I will do it tomorrow!

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