August 26th

Knit Pro Lilac Garnet Shawl Pin Set

Some Shawl Pin sets arrived from Knit Pro today – they are very pretty and I will put them in my shop tomorrow.  I have put the new Kidsilk Haze Stripe in the shop today – it is pre-order for delivery on October 1st.

Not much progress with Jackson.  A vet did ring this morning but I was out shopping!  She left a message saying she would ring again later today and so I am hoping she will.  Jackson stayed in all night and has slept most of today. He did eat his breakfast but oh so slowly.

Tomorrow we are going to visit John’s Mother’s grave which is in Hampshire – about a two-hour drive.  We shall leave early and hope there won’t be too much traffic.

Now for the contest!  Prize is a ball of Debbie Bliss Party Angel – I cannot say what colour as I will have to take whatever Designer Yarns have.  I thought we would have a slightly different sort of question.  I want you to complete this slogan in 10 or fewer words: Rowan yarns are the best because………

When I have all the answers I will put them here in a poll and everyone can vote for the one they like best.  I shall be able to see who votes for what and so there is no chance of anyone voting for their own over and over again!!  Winner is whoever gets the most votes.  Send your slogan to by midnight Sunday.

Now I am going to iron, I have bought a new leopard skin ironing board cover and it looks just like Jackson!  Back tomorrow,

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