August 27th

The Vet did call again late yesterday and she said we would try Jackson on some new tablets before submitting him to any invasive procedures. She has rung my local Vet who will order the tablets and we can collect them on Wednesday.  Jackson has been a bit brighter today and caught one mouse!

We went to Hampshire early this morning. It seemed a long way – past Heathrow airport, Windsor Castle, Ascot racecourse, Jane Austen’s house – 0n and on.  When we eventually got to the churchyard ( without getting lost!) we found the grave was in good order and did not really need attention! So back we came. The traffic was very heavy and it poured with rain and it was not a very enjoyable journey.

We are going to the Three Willows in a moment for something to eat – I think I will have crab this week.

I have put some of the new Knit Pro Shawl Pin sets in my shop – they are very nice. They are light and the colors are attractive.

I am going to get ready to go out now – back tomorrow.


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