August 29th

Sorry I did not write yesterday. I was feeling a bit jaded and uninspired.  We went out on Saturday night and both John and I had crab. Yesterday I cooked roast beef with runner beans, fresh peas, butter beans, roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings. Then I stewed some plums which John had with custard. I managed to burn the first batch. I put them on to stew and totally forgot about them. When I went back into the kitchen, it was full of smoke!  Luckily we have so many and so I threw them away and started again.

Now to the contest!  Here are the slogans you can vote for:  Rowan yarns are the best because

A.  Yorkshire yarns in heavenly hues, Perennial problem – which to choose?!”

B.   they never fail to impress

C.   unlike the stock market, it pays to “invest”

D.  their quality is unmatched

E.   they are classic but follow modern trends

I have had a mammoth sort out of sock yarns and made up bargain bags – they are here.  I have lots of balls without ball bands which I shall be putting in the next lot of parcels that I pack as free gifts.

It is a holiday here today.  John is sweeping the chimney – rods and brushes everywhere. We have lots of mushrooms growing in our lawn and I am going to cook some tonight.  I just fancy mushrooms on toast!

Now I am going to sort out some more sock yarn,  Jackson seems better – he is taking more interest in things and not sleeping so much.

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