August 30th

Firstly. I forgot to say, voting for the best Rowan Slogan ends on Wednesday midnight. The poll is in the post for August 29th.

When I was getting dressed this morning, Jackson came walking by the window carrying a gigantic rabbit – he could hardly walk with it dangling from his mouth.  I could see it was unharmed and so told John to go and rescue it. Jackson growled at John and so John came to get me to help. By the time we got back outside, Jackson was coming in and there was no sign of the rabbit and so it must have escaped. However, it left many fleas on Jackson’s ears and I have been combing them out. He does not mind this, in fact he purrs!

There is another Kidsik yarn coming soon – it is called Kidsilk Creation and will knit in ruffles – a bit like Rico Can Can but more delicate. It is exactly the same as Kidsilk Haze but spun in a different way. There are six shades which are the 6 most popular Kidsilk Haze ones : Cream, Jelly, Trance. Candy Girl, Smoke and Dewberry. One 50g skein will make a ruffled scarf.  The rep is coming to see me next week and I will know more about it then.  I do also know of new Kidsilk Haze shades for next Spring but had better not broadcast details here. Email me if you would like to know about them!

I have installed the Google+1 button on my home page. Apparently  Google is going to use this in their search rankings and so, if you could click on it, I would be very grateful.  It is just above the 5 photos of new products that I update each day,

I am expecting more Knit Pro Symfonie Rose needle sets and also straight Symfonie sets.   Also Cashmere from Rowan along with discontinued Kid Classic.

Now I am going to make a sauce to have with our spaghetti tonight and also make garlic bread.  Back tomorrow.

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