August 31st

Today is being frustrating.  The company that hosts my shop have carried out updates to how the program works and now I find I cannot update my home page with new items!! So here is what I have added today.

All Noro Silk Garden Lite is now reduced to $7 a ball.  I have put the new Rowan Kidsilk Creation in the store for pre-order. Delivery will be from October 1st. It is going to be in short supply as Rowan are only producing one batch of each shade.

Tomorrow is my birthday. We are going to the Loch Fyne restaurant in Cambridge for a meal.  I am having my hair cut in the morning.

Kevin came round today, back from the US with a camera that will detect motion and take photos in the dark. We have borrowed it and it is tethered to the dog run ready to snap all passing creatures in the night.  I wonder what there will be?  I think there will be foxes, badgers, rabbits and Jackson!

Here comes the postman – I must dash!  Back tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “August 31st

  1. Happy birthday! Just received some beautiful yarn from you, so it feels like my birthday too. Have a really good day and thanks for all the work you do to bring us lovely yarn at great prices.

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