August 23rd

We have a winner for the distorted object contest!!

This is a hand held egg whisk!!  I had many weird and wonderful answers including a tortoise!  Only one person was correct – Janet Leng!  Please let me know what colours of Angel you would like and I will send them right out. I will start a new contest tomorrow.

It has rained all day here today and there are floods.  Jackson has not ventured out. He has been a bad cat – I see he has plucked all the stuffing out of Slip’s padded basket liner!! There are clumps of white stuffing in the bottom of the basket.

Some Rowan arrived today including two shades of Fine Lace  that are not on the shade card for some reason.  The new Louisa Harding books and Noro Kama are due any day now,

Now I am going to have a rest – this weather is so depressing.  Back tomorrow.



August 22nd

Sorry I did not write yesterday. I have a cold and a horrid sore throat. We went out for a meal on Saturday night. I had steak which I enjoyed but my throat was starting to feel sore and I was pleased to get home.

A sad thing happened today. We went shopping and, as we drove out of our gate and turned onto the road, we saw that someone had run over the grass snake that lives in our garden. John got out but it was dead. People are so thoughtless and drive so fast down the road outside my house. It is only a narrow country road but people fly along. I have told Jackson he must take extra care.

No deliveries today but I am expecting some Rowan……maybe tomorrow!

August 20th

Sorry I did not write yesterday. My broadband was playing up and so I telephoned an electrician we know and asked if he could help. BT had told me I needed a new socket where the line comes into the house.  Peter, the electrician, came and looked but there was such a jumble of wires in the socket that he was not sure he could do it.  BUT his brother used to work for BT and would be able to re-wire the socket.  David, the brother duly arrived!  He said that there were 2 sets of wires in the socket and there should only be one set and the second set was causing interference and slowing the speed down.  He snipped away and left just the 3 wires and it is fine now. No need for a new socket at all.

Now – the new contest!  I photographed an everyday object and have distorted the photo – can you tell me what this is?

It may not be the right way up and the photo is only of part of the object!  Answers to by midnight Monday.  The prize is 3 balls of Debbie Bliss Angel in winner’s choice of colour.

The Noro Kama is coming next week and also the new Louisa Harding books.My yarn sheds are bursting at the seams.

We are going out to eat tonight – not sure where.  I don’t fancy crab as I had one last night, maybe a steak or ribs.    Back tomorrow.

August 18th

On the Desk

Here is Jackson asleep on my time capsule that backs up my iMac and Macbook.  It is warm and he decided to snuggle up to it this morning!

We have a winner for the contest!  All of you were very close but only Mary was spot on with 32 yards per ball. Mary, please let me know what colour(s) you would like for your 3 balls of Kidsilk Haze.  I will start a new contest tomorrow.

I have put some reduced Louisa Harding Grace  in my store, discontinued colours and leftovers. I am expecting two more shades of Rowan Lace weight tomorrow.

It is cold here today and John is talking of lighting the wood burning stove. It has been a horrible summer – no long spells of sunshine at all.

Now I am going to sort out the Cashmerino Aran and marshal all odd balls! Back tomorrow

August 17th

I am not feeling too good at the moment – rather queasy and hot.  I am going to have a shower and see if I can brighten up.

Jackson caught 5 mice in the night – there was a line of corpses on the patio this morning. He is still mouthing a lot but seems a bit brighter .

I will try to write more later if I feel better…if not, I will be back tomorrow.

August 16th

Debbie Bliss Party Angel

This is Party Angel, a new yarn from Debbie Bliss that is coming in September. It is the same as her Angel yarn but has a sparkle running along the length of the yarn. There are eight colours – they are strong shades, not pastels.

Jackson is a bit more lively today – he seems to have one good day and then two or three bad ones. John has gone fishing but did not take Slip as he was going out in a boat. She is here – sulking!
I received new shades of Louisa Harding Grace, Thistle and Willow Tweed today. Also Kim Hargreave’s Shadows and more Rowan shade cards.

Now I must dash as I have to water the greenhouse and countless hanging baskets before John gets home at 8.0 pm. Back tomorrow.

August 15th

Ian from Designer Yarns came this morning and showed me the first of their in house yarns

Rumba Yarb

You can turn one ball of this into..........


There are 10 shades and it knits up with frills without any special input from the knitter. There will only be one shipment and once it is sold, then that is it and there will be a new yarn to take its place. I shall have free patterns available for download.

Here are the shades:

Now onto the contest. The mystery photo was a raspberry and Janet, Mary and Susan were correct. Today’s question is how many yards are there in one ball of the new Rumba yarn? Closest answer wins. Answers to by midnight Wednesday.

Little Jackson is not so good. He is constantly mouthing and making small moaning noises even when he is asleep.     I think I shall have to take him to be ballooned as he is obviously uncomfortable.

Now I mut dash as I am behind. I have a new DB yarn to show you and I will do so tomorrow!