September 30th

Today has been horrible!  After breakfast I turned the dish washer on and suddenly realised  it was not making its usual gurgles. It was not filling with water.  John and I donned our plumbers uniforms and spent the whole morning taking it to pieces to see if we could fix it. We grovelled on the floor, unscrewing and lifting out filters and traps.  We found several husks of sweetcorn and grains of rice but nothing to cause a major blockage that would stop the water coming in.  We gave up and put it back together – harder than taking it apart.  A dish washer engineer is coming on Tuesday to look at it.  I can hear the pump and so I do not think it is anything major.  Until then I have to wash up by hand!

Then this afternoon I noticed that stock was not reducing when people were paying through one of my payment gateways.  It should work like this – customer pays with card, payment is confirmed, payment gateway sends OK message to my shop and the stock is reduced accordingly. I received 2 orders which the shop had flagged as “no payment received” but in fact the customers had paid but the message had not got back to the shop and so the stock had not reduced.  This could be a big problem in the night as I could double sell things.  The payment gateway say they not changed anything – I did a test order and found that, provided I clicked on Return to Store on the payment confirmation page, it worked OK but if I did not, the payment did not get back to the store. I will have to call them and ask if they cannot forcibly send the customer back to the store.

I have had enough – we are going to have a shower and go out for a drink – back tomorrow!

September 29th Update

The Kidsilk Haze Stripe arrived but not the Kidsilk Creation – maybe tomorrow!

My ceilings are painted ready for the new curtains!  We are still harvesting walnuts by the bucket load – I wondered about making some walnut chutney with them and also the glut of apples and tomatoes we have.  But it is rather a fiddle and does make the house reek of vinegar. My Mother used to make all sorts of chutneys and pickles and jam (jelly).  We have grown lazy!

Now I am going to pick up yet more walnuts. Jackson usually joins in – he likes to leap out of the tree when I am under it!  Back tomorrow.


September 29th

Sorry I did not write yesterday – things went a bit pear shaped!  I was printing some orders and  suddenly the printer went “poof” and switched itself off.  It would not turn on again! Panic stations and visions of having to buy new printer!  Eventually I tracked it down to the fuse in the plug. I changed it and it started up again!

I booked our holiday  yesterday and paid the deposit. We are going to Couples Negril on 6th March for one week.  I have booked a beach front suite and a car to take us to the airport in the UK and Jamaica.  I have not actually told John yet – I am waiting for the right moment.

Leslie and Anne – I shipped your prizes yesterday.  Now we will have a new contest with  2 balls of Louisa Harding Simonetta as the prize. Winner may choose colour ( subject to availability). The opening question is a cryptogram entitled Find the Yarn:

You are looking for a brand, yarn name and shade. Answers to by midnight Saturday UK time.

I think the rest of the Kidsilk Haze Stripe will come today and maybe the Kidsilk Creation.  I will post again later when the delivery  lady ( Vicky ) has been.  I am having the ceiling in the lounge painted this afternoon and so must go and cover things up with dust sheets.  My new window seat covers are ready and we have to go and collected them from Cambridge one day next week.  I will be back later.

September 27th

Let's go for a walk!

Jackson was a bad cat last night. He went out at 7.opm and did not come back at 10.0pm for his cheese. He stayed out all night and did not come when we got up. I was starting to worry as he never stays away that long. John walked up and down the road – no sign.  Ibegan to worry that someone had stolen him.  Suddenly he appeared – no worse for wear and not wet.  He had breakfast and went out again!  I did find several corpses strewn around the garden.

My brother and sister in law arrived at 9.0am and we took them to the airport. They are flying to Naples and then onward to Amalfi.  I felt quite envious – I love airports!

John returned from fishing with 2 fish – both Leslie and Anne guessed 3.  I am going to send each of you a ball of Silk Garden sock and we will draw a line under this contest and start a new one tomorrow.

The Louisa Harding Simonetta came today and the pattern book.  Also 4 new Filatura di Crosa pattern books.  I will put the Simonetta in my store tomorrow.

I am tired now as I did not sleep very well as I was worrying about Jackson.  I am going to have a rest and then cook dinner.

September 26th

John has gone fishing today and so I will be able to tell you if either Leslie or Anne guessed his total catch tomorrow!

I am expecting a delivery of Louisa Harding Simonetta and the pattern book tomorrow. I am hoping it will arrive when my brother and sister-in-law are here – John won’t make so much of a fuss!!

Jackson is in fine form – two mice and three shrews and he is still out hunting. Slip has gone fishing – I packed her a lunch box – two bonios and one cold sausage.

I must have  a tidy up now as my brother and sister-in-law will be here before 9.0 tomorrow morning!