September 1st

Jackson Poses in the Light Tent

I got a shock today!  I set up my light tent ready to take some photos and went away to collect what I wanted.  When I returned, who should I find in the light tent……Jackson! He insisted I took his photo and so here it is!  He presented me with my birthday mouse this morning!

Many thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes.  I had my hair cut this morning and, altho’ I have straight hair, john, the hairdresser, suggested he dry it with straighteners. It is now poker straight!

A sad thing. John found another grass snake in the road outside our house. It was alive and so he brought it home. We put it in the flower bed but it has died. As John said, if it had been well, he would not have been able to pick it up. Most  probably clipped by a car. Here is a photo:

Dead Grass Snake

Now to the contest.  The winning slogan was C  – unlike the stock market, it pays to “invest”.  This was written by Leslie Kruse !  A ball of Party Angel will be coming to you!  I shall start a new contest tomorrow

Now I am going to start getting ready to go the Loch Fyne restaurant. I am hoping crab will be on the menu!  Back tomorrow.

One thought on “September 1st

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you got lots of lovely presents (but no more baby rabbits, mice or shrews)!

    Is the light tent nice and warm? I can understand Jackson wanting to snuggle up in a cosy little space if your weather was anything like ours up North.

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