September 23rd

Sorry I did not write yesterday – things were a bit hectic!   I thought John was going fishing and so told Designer Yarns to send me the new Louisa Harding Nerissa and Hand Dyed Grace.  Hmm, he did not go fishing as it was too sunny. So my hopes of smuggling were dashed. The yarn arrived mid morning and luckily John was busy doing some painting and so did not pay that much attention!  The Nerissa is gorgeous – I love chenille and the colours are really good.  Today I received two more shades of Rowan Kidsilk Stripe – Cool and Sugar.


Anyone for some Walnuts?

Last night we picked up some more walnuts – this is a photo of a few of them drying in the greenhouse. We have already filled a large tub with dried ones and there are still loads more on the tree. It is back-breaking picking them up as the branches nearly touch the ground and  you have to stoop all the time.

Good news!  I have won!  We went out for a drink last night and on the way home John suddenly said he will come to Jamaica if I really want to go. Really want to go?!  Yes, yes, yes!!  So I am planning on going next March – I don’t mind waiting until then. I am in the throes of booking it up.  I need new swimwear and shorts and tops and sandals!  I am going to ask Rosemary, the vet, if she knows of a good cattery for Jackson. One where they will adhere to his diet and give him his pill each day. He has one eighth of a pill every morning. I mix it in with some Webbox salmon treat – this is like a paste that he adores – and put it on top of his food and he eats it with no problem.

John is now planning on going fishing on Sunday and so we will have to delay the contest until then – sorry, Anne and Leslie.  I am having my hair cut tomorrow. Next Tuesday my brother and sister-in-law are coming to leave their car here and we will take them to the airport for their delayed trip to Italy.  Back tomorrow!

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