September 24th


Jackson the poser!

Here is Jackson wondering if he should sit in the light tent and wait to be photographed!

I had my hair cut this morning – it needed attention as I trimmed my fringe with the nail scissors the other day and the result was less than perfect to say the least!  John, the hairdresser, has made it right and cut my hair in a squared off bob and used straighteners on it to get a sharp line.  I wish I could take him to Jamaica with me – the humidity plays havoc with my hair even though it is straight.  Also the thought of having to wash and blow dry it every day is not appealing – maybe I shall have it done at the hair salon – hmm! on looking at the rate sheet, I see it is $40 for a shampoo and blow dry!  We will get $150 resort credit for being repeat guests and so that would pay for nearly 4 times! You can also use the credit for massages, items from the gift shop, a private dinner on the beach or a private champagne cruise. We also get the choice of a free gift – two Couples t-shirts or massage oils (!) or champagne and chocolates. Also an invitation to the Repeaters Dinner and a departure pack of water and crunch bars!

Today I sorted out some discontinued Louisa Harding Grace Hand dyed and I have the new shades of this yarn ready to put in my store tomorrow.

We are going to the Three Willows tonight and I will try to have something different to crab – maybe lobster!  I am going to do my nails now and will be back tomorrow.

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