September 27th

Let's go for a walk!

Jackson was a bad cat last night. He went out at 7.opm and did not come back at 10.0pm for his cheese. He stayed out all night and did not come when we got up. I was starting to worry as he never stays away that long. John walked up and down the road – no sign.  Ibegan to worry that someone had stolen him.  Suddenly he appeared – no worse for wear and not wet.  He had breakfast and went out again!  I did find several corpses strewn around the garden.

My brother and sister in law arrived at 9.0am and we took them to the airport. They are flying to Naples and then onward to Amalfi.  I felt quite envious – I love airports!

John returned from fishing with 2 fish – both Leslie and Anne guessed 3.  I am going to send each of you a ball of Silk Garden sock and we will draw a line under this contest and start a new one tomorrow.

The Louisa Harding Simonetta came today and the pattern book.  Also 4 new Filatura di Crosa pattern books.  I will put the Simonetta in my store tomorrow.

I am tired now as I did not sleep very well as I was worrying about Jackson.  I am going to have a rest and then cook dinner.

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