September 29th

Sorry I did not write yesterday – things went a bit pear shaped!  I was printing some orders and  suddenly the printer went “poof” and switched itself off.  It would not turn on again! Panic stations and visions of having to buy new printer!  Eventually I tracked it down to the fuse in the plug. I changed it and it started up again!

I booked our holiday  yesterday and paid the deposit. We are going to Couples Negril on 6th March for one week.  I have booked a beach front suite and a car to take us to the airport in the UK and Jamaica.  I have not actually told John yet – I am waiting for the right moment.

Leslie and Anne – I shipped your prizes yesterday.  Now we will have a new contest with  2 balls of Louisa Harding Simonetta as the prize. Winner may choose colour ( subject to availability). The opening question is a cryptogram entitled Find the Yarn:

You are looking for a brand, yarn name and shade. Answers to by midnight Saturday UK time.

I think the rest of the Kidsilk Haze Stripe will come today and maybe the Kidsilk Creation.  I will post again later when the delivery  lady ( Vicky ) has been.  I am having the ceiling in the lounge painted this afternoon and so must go and cover things up with dust sheets.  My new window seat covers are ready and we have to go and collected them from Cambridge one day next week.  I will be back later.


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