September 30th

Today has been horrible!  After breakfast I turned the dish washer on and suddenly realised  it was not making its usual gurgles. It was not filling with water.  John and I donned our plumbers uniforms and spent the whole morning taking it to pieces to see if we could fix it. We grovelled on the floor, unscrewing and lifting out filters and traps.  We found several husks of sweetcorn and grains of rice but nothing to cause a major blockage that would stop the water coming in.  We gave up and put it back together – harder than taking it apart.  A dish washer engineer is coming on Tuesday to look at it.  I can hear the pump and so I do not think it is anything major.  Until then I have to wash up by hand!

Then this afternoon I noticed that stock was not reducing when people were paying through one of my payment gateways.  It should work like this – customer pays with card, payment is confirmed, payment gateway sends OK message to my shop and the stock is reduced accordingly. I received 2 orders which the shop had flagged as “no payment received” but in fact the customers had paid but the message had not got back to the shop and so the stock had not reduced.  This could be a big problem in the night as I could double sell things.  The payment gateway say they not changed anything – I did a test order and found that, provided I clicked on Return to Store on the payment confirmation page, it worked OK but if I did not, the payment did not get back to the store. I will have to call them and ask if they cannot forcibly send the customer back to the store.

I have had enough – we are going to have a shower and go out for a drink – back tomorrow!

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