September 21st

I heard today that the new Debbie Bliss magazine, Hand Dyed Grace, Nerissa yarn and some more books are being sent out to me today.  John is going fishing tomorrow and so I hope they come when he is out!

I received a small box from Rowan today containing Kidsilk Haze Stripe in Twilight. The despatch note said the other colors are to follow. Here is a pic of the Twilight:

Kidsilk Haze Stripe Twilight

Jackson was a bad boy this morning. He goes hunting in a field adjacent to our garden. This field has just been ploughed and is very muddy,  He came in this morning and left a trail of muddy paw prints all over the house.  Then he went out again. On his return I caught him before he could get indoors and put him in the sink to wash his feet.  He was having none of this and scratched the back of my hand hard.  I had to let him go and then he toured the house with wet, muddy feet. I had to put a plaster on my hand and I could not find them and dripped blood over the bathroom carpet and so I had to shampoo that and wash all the wooden floors to clean up Jackson’s foot prints!

Time to start thinking about dinner now – slow cooked rack of pork ribs with barbecue sauce and rice – nice and easy to do!

Oh, the contest – I nearly forgot!  My top three selling shades of KSH are Trance, Jelly and Anthracite.  Both Anne and Leslie suggested Trance but did not get the other two. Let me see….I know, how many trout will John catch tomorrow bearing in mind the bag limit is 8!  Nearest answer wins.  Answer by midnight Friday UK time.


September 20th

The Filatura di Crosa rep came today.  I ordered some Superior and new pattern books. I do like their yarns but the range is vast and I just have not got space to store yet another brand in bulk.

I have set up a competition on Competwition ( a branch of Twitter ). All you need to do is click Enter and you will be included in a draw for a skein of Kidsilk Creation. You can enter here. Please tweet about this draw!

Jackson caught a young rat last night and was allowed an extra piece of cheese as a bonus.  He had left the rat outside on the patio for my approval. He will be two in November – I wish he was a kitten again or that he was a female and having babies.

Since my holiday does not seem to be materialising, perhaps I shall push for a female Bengal and breed from her.

Time to walk Slip and feed Jackson – back tomorrow.

September 18th

The answer to the cryptogram is Jackson caught three mice and two voles today.  I only received two correct entries – Anne and Leslie.  As this contest seems to be dragging on a bit, we will have a decider!  I want you to tell me which of  three shades of Kidsilk Haze are my best sellers. They do not have to be in any order – just the three that I sell most of.  Whoever guesses the most correct will win.  If it is a tie, we will think again.  Answers to by midnight Tuesday.

We went out last night and I had crab – very nice.  I meant to tell you about a strange dish I made the other night. I fried onions and garlic and bite-sized pieces of chicken. I then added one teaspoonful of crushed coriander seeds, chicken stock and then grated 3 raw beetroots into the pan. Lastly I added a small tub of greek yogurt and some chillies.  I cooked it slowly for an hour and served it with coconut rice.  It tasted both hot and sweet and the beetroot made it turn a lovely deep ruby red.

I am cooking the roast pork now – it is rather a large piece but Slip has volunteered to help out.  Kevin just came round with their new puppy, it is a terrier ( I can’t remember the breed name ) called Finn.  He promptly ate all the soda bread that I had thrown on the lawn for the birds and also ate a mouse that Jackson had abandoned!   Now I must go and make the leek and celery dish – back tomorrow!

September 17th

Jackson's Eyes!

Here is Jackson peeping over the top of my light tent.  He seems to like hiding in there for some reason.

I had a delivery of some new Kaffe Fassett sock yarn that I will put in my store tomorrow. I have also had a good sort out of odd balls of Kidsilk Aura and have made them up into mixed color lots – I will upload them tomorrow/Monday.

Nothing much else to report. We are going out to eat tonight – I hope there will be crab again!  Tomorrow I am cooing roast pork, roast potatoes, stuffing, carrots, leeks and celery in cheese sauce and brussels sprouts.  Pudding yet to be invented!!

Hair washing time now –  a job  I hate as holding the hair dryer makes my arms ache!  Back tomorrow.





September 15th

The answers to the last word search were:





devon rex,




maine coon,





All entries were correct!  I thought we would have a change and have a cryptogram for the next puzzle, what is this sentence:

Answers to by midnight Saturday.  If it proves too tough, I will reveal a few letters.

I have to dash now as Slip is waiting to be taken out – John is painting a door and says he has not got time to take her and so I will!  Back tomorrow.

September 14th

Kidsilk Creation

Kidsilk Creation in Cream

I received a very small box from Rowan today, it was as light as a feather and I could not think what it could be. When I opened it ( under John’s eagle eye! ) it turned out to be two packs of Rowan Kidsilk Creation in Cream.  I was not expecting this until the beginning of October but it is here!  You can see the open construction of the yarn in my photo and  there is a pattern for a scarf inside the ball band.

John did not go fishing today as it was too sunny so it is just as well I had not planned a smuggled delivery!

Slip has been a bad dog. She is laundry crazy. As  soon as she hears me open the washing machine door, she is there!  She always accompanies me out to the the washing line, leaping up and trying to grab the washing. Today she leapt up and grabbed one of my bras and made a hole in it with one of her claws.  I have thrown it away, it was expensive and I shall take it out of her Bonio allowance.

I am cooking a Goan prawn curry for dinner – a new recipe!  Nothing else much to report – off to the oven!

September 13th

Very windy here again. We collected two buckets of walnuts this afternoon. I wore gloves as they stain your hands bright yellow.
I have Kim Hargreaves new book Scarlet on order. It is due in October. Also a new booklet by Kaffe Fassett that uses his Regia Design Line yarn.
John is going fishing with Kevin tomorrow. Pity I did not know earlier, I could have smuggled a delivery in!
Nothing much else to report – back tomorrow.