October 24th


Jackson in Slip's Basket

Here is Jackson taking a nap in Slip’s basket this morning!  Luckily Slip was out and did not see him!

The contest answers are as follows:  A nationality that has a different meaning when spelt with a capital letter.  I was thinking of Polish and polish, but will also accept Swede and swede, Afghan and afghan, Brazilian and brazilian (!) Danish and danish, Kiwi and kiwi, The anacrossgram answer is





Susan, Jacki, Kim and Michelle were correct.  Please email me if anyone thinks I have left them out.

Now for the next question which is knitting related.  Where would you find Lillibeth, Venus, Lola and Dot all together? Answers to contest@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk by midnight Wednesday.

I had a delivery of Superior today and also some more Felted Tweed Chunky. My sheds are filling up again.

Now I am going to finish my Rumba scarf!  Back tomorrow


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