October 28th

Phoebe from Rowan Studio #25

Phoebe from Rowan Studio #25

Today has been one of those days. Firstly the Dymo printer threw a wobbly and became jammed with a label firmly stuck inside and so I had to wait for John’s assistance! Then I microwaved a trout for Slip in a supposedly sealed bag and it burst open and I had trout all over the inside of the microwave.  Then the Royal Mail site would not load on my iMac and so I had to upload my posting details from my iPad and then access the Royal Mail site from my MacBook and find the order and send it to the printer! It is done now but I certainly hope the Royal Mail have finished their updates by Monday.

Studio #25 should come next week and also Kim Hargreaves’ Scarlet.   Also a new book from Martin Storey.

John and Slip are shooting tomorrow. I shall go and have my hair washed and dried, do grocery shopping and maybe buy a new dress as we have been invited to a party next Saturday at Steve and Lynns.  It is bonfire night and they are having a barbecue  with fireworks.

I have finished my ruffle scarf and I like it – it looks pretty!  I am putting off picking up my Alice Starmore Alba jacket – it has been languishing in my knitting bag for 2 – 3 months!  I could do with some more socks and also gloves – yes, I think that is the route to take!

Going to give Jackson a brush now – he loves being groomed and purrs the whole time!  Back tomorrow.



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