October 29th

Rowan Studio 25

Jingle Scarf from Rowan Studio #25

John and Slip are out shooting and Jackson and I are having a quiet day together. I went to the hairdresser, did some grocery shopping and bought a new dress. It is knitted in grey and blue stripes with cables on the front.  It is above the knee and so I shall wear leggings under it.

We are going out to eat tonight  to the Three Horseshoes. The son of the man who has the Three Willows has bought the Three Horseshoes and it opened last Monday. It is the nearest pub to our house.At least, I say we are going to eat there – there is a shooting dinner for another shoot and it maybe that there will not be room for other diners as it is quite small inside.  If we can’t get a table, we can go to the Indian which is on the way home.

Last night I thought Jackson was out when we went to bed and so I left the bedroom door ajar. My iMac is in the next room and the light from the screensaver is useful if we want to go to the bathroom.  I shut it if Jackson is in as he might wander through.  I woke up at 5.0am and felt something against the small of my back.  It was Jackson, he must have crept through and wriggled under the duvet.  I quickly carried him out before John woke up!  Jackson must have been hiding somewhere when we came to bed.

I am going to clean my oven now – no cooking to do today! Back tomorrow.


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