October 31st

Craft from Kim Hargreave's Scarlet

Craft from Kim Hargreave's Scarlet

Scarlet arrived today. There are some gorgeous designs. I like this one – it is knitted in FIne Lace.

Sorry I did not write yesterday.  We went out on Saturday night and, as I had anticipated, the pub was full with the shooting party and we could not have a table until they left. Since they showed no sign of leaving we had a bottle of wine and then went to the Indian restaurant.  That was heaving too, but we got a table fairly quickly. I had a prawn and rice biryani and John had a chicken curry – it was OK but nothing special.

We have a contest winner – Susan Busatto. She found all of the languages! They are Dutch, Urdu, Mandarin, Yiddish, Swedish, Hindi, Russian, Thai, Yoruba,Yi and Gaelic.  Well done!  Let me know what color of Grace Hand Beaded you would like and I will send it right out.  I will start a new contest on Wednesday.

Nothing much else to report.  I have started to knit the Kidsilk Haze Stripe scarf and I rather think that Jackson attacked it during the night as the yarn seems to be very fluffed up!  He normally takes no notice of any balls but maybe the mohair attracted him.  I have removed it to the safety of the bedroom.

Going to iron now!  Back tomorrow



2 thoughts on “October 31st

  1. Congratulations Susan! Well done! I am impressed that you found them all. I was only able to find 8. Enjoy your beautiful yarn. 🙂

  2. thanks Kimberly. I spent sooooo many hours on it but i can’t resist a challenge, even though i’m now behind in my work. At least I can name some languages now that i never knew existed.

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