October 22nd

Rumba Scarf

Rumba Scarf

I was feeling a bit bored a little while ago and so I have started a scarf in Designer Yarn’s Rumba Yarn.  It is certainly storage stuff to work with and not really like knitting at all.  I can’t get much speed up but it grows fast and so won’t take me long to finish it!

This morning I had my hair washed and blow dried and went grocery shopping. Tonight we are going for an Indian meal for a change – not really my favourite but it is better than cooking!

Jackson has been very subdued the last two days and has only been out once.  He seems to be sleeping a lot. I hope he is OK.  We weighed him the other day and he is 9 lbs.  We daren’t weigh Slip. She is so greedy and eats absolutely anything except bananas and pineapples.  The hottest curries, the spiciest chilli dishes, all vegetables, rice, pasta, cakes, biscuits …..all eaten with great relish. We do not give her these things but she steals them when we put them out for the birds.  Hopefully she will work some of this weight off during the shooting season – she will be more active then.

Now I am going to press on with my scarf – back tomorrow.


October 20th


Another busy day.   We went to look for new armchairs this morning but did not find any that we both liked.  John tends to like traditional things and I like modern ones and so we find it hard to agree.  I think we will wait until the new curtains are hung and the new window seat covers are in place and then look again.

My next shipment of Filatura di Crosa Superior is on its way to me as is a Rowan order.  I have a bit more space at the moment and so it is not so daunting trying to find homes for new arrivals.

Now for the contest:  I received correct answers from Jacki, Susan, Kim and Michelle.  Paddy also was correct but as she had not entered the earlier rounds, she does not qualify for the nest questions:

1.Which word that is a nationality when spelt with a capital letter, turns into something quite different when spelt with a lower case letter?

2. Anacrossgram

Anacrossagrams are like miniature crossword puzzles, except the clues are words, and what you fill into the grid is an anagram of the clue. You have to figure out what order the letters go in based on the intersecting clues. Can you figure this puzzle out?

4x4 grid Across

  1. rein
  2. deed
  3. deer
  4. dual

  1. dead
  2. nude
  3. ride
  4. leer

Answers to puzzles@jannettesrareyarns by midnight Sunday

Now I must go and get dinner – red peppers stuffed with rice, sweetcorn, cheese and hot chilli sauce!  Back tomorrow

October 18th

First and foremost, I forgot to add Kim to the list of correct answers in the contest – sorry!

The plumber came yesterday and, after draining down the heating system which meant all doors and loft hatch open ( it was so cold), he installed a new pump. It is all working now.

Jackson was very sick in the night – a large pile by the patio door!  He did eat rather a lot of cheese last night, maybe it disagreed with him.

I have put some nice new needle cases from Knit Pro in my store and also a deluxe set of crochet hooks.

John and Kevin have gone to the fishing lake to fix a camera on the island in the middle of the lake. They had a inflatable boat ( inflated ) in a trailer on the back of Kevin’s car. As they went up the drive which is steep, the trailer came loose and careered down the drive at top speed. It frightened the life out of me – I wonder what it was!  Luckily it ran into a garden wall before reaching the garage where it would have damaged the doors!

Nothing much else to report  – it won’t be long before the rep comes with the new Rowan yarn for Spring!  Life is rushing by!

October 17th

Very cold here today and, to make matters worse, John decided to replace a radiator and now the heating is not working!  The plumber will come tomorrow.

I have put a list of Rowan discontinued yarns in my store – these are full packs to order. The prices are very good and so email me if you want anything and I will check availablity with Rowan for you.

I received 3 correct answers for the Wordbox puzzle – Susan Basatto, Michelle Lee and Jacki Ross.  Here is the next puzzle for you: In each of these puzzles, a proverb is written with exactly one letter of each word replaced with another. Can you figure out what the original proverb is?

1. Wetter mate that fever

2.So nets if goof mews

3.No eath has owe

Answers by midnight Wednesday to proverbs@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk

Time to take Slip out – John is still fiddling with the heating!  Back tomorrow

October 16th

My new iPhone arrived at 5.30 on Friday – I was beginning to think it would not come!  It is brilliant, especially the personal assistant, Siri. You can ask him anything and he answers in an upper class English accent!  The answers are hilarious and we were crying with laughter!  I asked him “Do you love me?” and he said “We must keep our relationship on a professional level.”  I asked “Where are you?” and he said “I am right by your side, Jann”  We have not got the ability to ask for directions yet in the UK but it will come in 2012. In the US if you say ” I feel sexy” She ( the assistant is female in the US) says “I have found five escort agencies near you” and presents you with a list of them!

Apart from doing silly things, you can tell it to call someone, spell a word, do maths, play a song on your iPhone, it will write emails and send texts too. If you tell it that John is my husband, it remembers this and you can say “Text my husband ” and it pulls up the correct details and asks you what you want to say!  John is very impressed with it and is thinking of getting one!

I am going to put some reduced Rowan Silky Tweed in my store today – just got to take some photos.  I am cooking  roast pork for lunch followed by plum pie!  I will be updating the contest tomorrow – back then!

October 14th

Sorry I have been a bit erratic posting!  I had to update my iMac in readiness for the new iPhone – also my Mac Book and my iPad – and it took time and a lot of effort to get them all up to date and talking to one another!  It is all done now and I am sitting waiting for TNT to deliver my new phone!  I am dying to try out the new personal assistant on the new iPhone. Apparently you can ask it anything and it will answer!   I will tell you what it is like!
I just had some more Kidsilk Haze Stripe delivered but only Cool. Twilight is out of stock and is on back order.
;John has decided he wants to re-varnish our hardwood floors. That means I have to move all the furniture out and somehow stop Jackson walking on the wet floors.  It won’t be easy as he uses the patio doors to come in and out  – I shall have to shut him out .  No more mice in my trap and so I think it was a one off. I have successfully intercepted all live ones recently and released them. They are very cute when you hold them – brown beady eyes and tiny whiskers.
I wish the TNT man would come – I am getting twitchy altho’ it does say delivery can be up to 6 pm! I ordered direct from Apple rather than going to the shop and queuing.
Off to empty the dishwasher now – I will write more WHEN the iPhone comes.

October 12th

Sorry – I wrote this on the 9th and forgot to post it. My cold was at its worst and I meant to send it but must have pressed the wrong button!

I received  7 correct answers for the garment word search : Jacki Ross, Anne McPhail, Susan Busatto, Lisa Downs, Angela Fairwood, Kimberly and Alice.

For the next round I want you to solve this word box.  The answer to 1 across is the same word as the answer to 1 down; 2 across is the same as 2 down and so on.  Answers to wordbox@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk by midnight Friday!

  1. distribute thinly over an area
  2. ear stab
  3. mourn
  4. mistakes in writing
  5. pertaining to vinegar
  6. disconnect