November 30th

Jackson has been awarded a gold medal for outstanding hunting and bravery!! In the night I could hear him outside fairly close to the bedroom. He was talking to himself – little chirrups and mutterings. He always does this when he is in pursuit of prey. I assumed it was a mouse and went back to sleep. This morning we found a fully grown rat dead on the patio with Jackson’s trademark – blood sucked from the neck. John was very impressed and said he can have extra cheese tonight. These rats come into our garden from the surrounding fields – most probably looking for scraps that I throw out for the birds. Oh, and we found Jackson’s missing collar in the garden. I had already bought him a new one and so the old one can be for emergencies.
No real news on the yarn front. I am expecting mire Calmer and Lima tomorrow and should be able to fulfil all outstanding orders. I shall also have some Garnet to spare which I will sell by the ball. The Pure Cashmere is nearly all gone at Rowan and so if anyone wants any, speak up!
Now I must go and cook a duck leg for Slip’s dinner – back tomorrow.

November 28th

Here is the first question in the new contest.  The prize is 3 Knit Pro circular needles in the winner’s choice of size and length subject to availability.

This is an easy knitting crossword:

3. A long river
5. Bubbly Bath
7. A wobbly shade
1. None of this without fire
2. Tropical fruit
4. Eggplant
6. Often associated with Holly

The answers are all shade of yarn!  Answers to crossword by midnight Wednesday.

I received some nice shawl kits today. The contain Zitron Filigran Laceweight yarn, Knit Pro needles and the pattern. I will put them in my shop tomorrow..

Jackson came home this morning after a night on the tiles. His collar and bell were missing. He has slept all day but when he wakes up I shall tell him off. He must take more care of his collars!

It is much colder here today but the forecast is for it to warm up tomorrow.I hope so, I dread those chilblains!  Off to knit, back tomorrow.

November 27th

The contest!  And we have a winner. The 3 shades of yarn which are also the names of types of curry are Tandoori, Madras and Vindaloo – all in the Rowan Siena range.  The three yarns that can be woven are Rush, Reed and Raffia from the Summer Tweed range.  Susan suggested Sailcloth, Hessian and Jute from the Cotton Jeans range. This answer could also be correct but I am afraid she could not find the curries!  And so Jacki is the winner. Please let me know which shade of Manos del Uruguay Lace Weight you would like!  I will start a new contest tomorrow.

My knitting is back on track now!  Kidsilk Haze is horrid to undo – but I managed it and now have the correct amount of stitches and the pattern is sitting correctly.

I am cooking a chicken curry for lunch – a really hot one!  And I have made an apple pie. John loves apple pie!  My father used to have one every day of his life.  Even if we went out for a meal, he would still choose apple pie and then complain that it was not as nice as the ones my Mother made!  Oh, always custard too – never cream or ice cream!

Now I must go and fry the poppadoms  – always a messy procedure!!   Back tomorrow.

November 26th

Ash in Kidsilk Haze

Hmm! I spoke too soon about the KSH not being difficult!   Since taking this photo, I have knitted more and now see that I am out by one stitch for the last 5 rows!  I am taking it back 5 rows but it is a very slow job sorting out what is what.  I am not so enamoured with it now!

I have been to the hairdresser this morning and done some grocery shopping. John is out shooting for the day.  Jackson is playing with leaves outside. He will bring them in – there was a pile of walnut leaves beside the kitchen door this morning. I had let him out at 6.0am and left the patio door slightly open so that he could come back in if he wanted to.  He must have collected leaves and brought them in.

No much other news today.  I am going to struggle on unpicking Ash. It might be easier in daylight.  Back tomorrow.


I have now taken back Ash to where it was correct.  I found a few funny loops but I think it will be OK as I have knitted another row and the pattern fitted. Fingers crossed!


No, it is not right! I have now taken it off the needles and ripped it back to the eyelet row and shall start the pattern again!

November 24th

First, the contest. I did not make it clear enough!  The answers to both parts are shades of yarn and they are from the same yarn within each question.  By that I mean the first answer must be three shades of one yarn and likewise the second one. But the first and second answers are not from the same yarn range!  Susan, your answer to the first question is incorrect, I am looking for the names of curries and Jackie, your answer to the second question is wrong! So will you both try again – answer by Saturday night!  Sorry about this – as my husband often says, I seem to think people are mind readers.

My curtains are all done – the men came this afternoon and fixed the rail and hung the last pair. Jackson is eyeing them up but I grumble at him and he looks away.

I had a slight hiccup with my Kidsilk Aura cardigan last night – I was one stitch short when I got to the end of a row. I managed to take it back and found a dropped stick. It was only one row down and so I retrieved it easily.  Because I am knitting with it doubled, it is not too bad to take back. I will take a photo of it tomorrow.

Now I must put the pork ribs in the oven and make the barbecue sauce! Never a dull moment.