November 22nd

I am next for the photo shoot!

Here is Jackson! He has managed to squeeze himself into the basket that I  use to photograph balls of wool.  I have a job to get 7 balls into it but he has managed to tuck himself in!

I spent an exceedingly frustrating evening yesterday.  Suddenly my laptop was unable to print over the wireless connection. I spent ages downloading new drivers and installing them.  Still no go – laptop not found. There I was running back and forth, connecting it via USB and then wireless. I honestly spent 2 hours + fiddling about.  I then gave up and decided to print from my iMac.  Hmm!  Printer not found when using iMac.  More fiddling – nothing. Suddenly it dawned on me – the printer was not connecting to the network.  I re-booted the router and everything worked!   Lesson learned – re=boot router before trying anything else!

We have been out for a meal tonight.  I had confit of duck with cherry sauce, it was nice but the sauce was too sweet for me. John had steak and ale pie which he enjoyed.

Now I am going to knit – I have nearly finished the rib on Ash.  Eyelet row next!  Back tomorrow.


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