November 24th

First, the contest. I did not make it clear enough!  The answers to both parts are shades of yarn and they are from the same yarn within each question.  By that I mean the first answer must be three shades of one yarn and likewise the second one. But the first and second answers are not from the same yarn range!  Susan, your answer to the first question is incorrect, I am looking for the names of curries and Jackie, your answer to the second question is wrong! So will you both try again – answer by Saturday night!  Sorry about this – as my husband often says, I seem to think people are mind readers.

My curtains are all done – the men came this afternoon and fixed the rail and hung the last pair. Jackson is eyeing them up but I grumble at him and he looks away.

I had a slight hiccup with my Kidsilk Aura cardigan last night – I was one stitch short when I got to the end of a row. I managed to take it back and found a dropped stick. It was only one row down and so I retrieved it easily.  Because I am knitting with it doubled, it is not too bad to take back. I will take a photo of it tomorrow.

Now I must put the pork ribs in the oven and make the barbecue sauce! Never a dull moment.




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