November 26th

Ash in Kidsilk Haze

Hmm! I spoke too soon about the KSH not being difficult!   Since taking this photo, I have knitted more and now see that I am out by one stitch for the last 5 rows!  I am taking it back 5 rows but it is a very slow job sorting out what is what.  I am not so enamoured with it now!

I have been to the hairdresser this morning and done some grocery shopping. John is out shooting for the day.  Jackson is playing with leaves outside. He will bring them in – there was a pile of walnut leaves beside the kitchen door this morning. I had let him out at 6.0am and left the patio door slightly open so that he could come back in if he wanted to.  He must have collected leaves and brought them in.

No much other news today.  I am going to struggle on unpicking Ash. It might be easier in daylight.  Back tomorrow.


I have now taken back Ash to where it was correct.  I found a few funny loops but I think it will be OK as I have knitted another row and the pattern fitted. Fingers crossed!


No, it is not right! I have now taken it off the needles and ripped it back to the eyelet row and shall start the pattern again!


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