November 27th

The contest!  And we have a winner. The 3 shades of yarn which are also the names of types of curry are Tandoori, Madras and Vindaloo – all in the Rowan Siena range.  The three yarns that can be woven are Rush, Reed and Raffia from the Summer Tweed range.  Susan suggested Sailcloth, Hessian and Jute from the Cotton Jeans range. This answer could also be correct but I am afraid she could not find the curries!  And so Jacki is the winner. Please let me know which shade of Manos del Uruguay Lace Weight you would like!  I will start a new contest tomorrow.

My knitting is back on track now!  Kidsilk Haze is horrid to undo – but I managed it and now have the correct amount of stitches and the pattern is sitting correctly.

I am cooking a chicken curry for lunch – a really hot one!  And I have made an apple pie. John loves apple pie!  My father used to have one every day of his life.  Even if we went out for a meal, he would still choose apple pie and then complain that it was not as nice as the ones my Mother made!  Oh, always custard too – never cream or ice cream!

Now I must go and fry the poppadoms  – always a messy procedure!!   Back tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “November 27th

  1. I’m unreasonably excited to finally win something and feel I’ve redeemed myself somewhat. Thank you Susan and thanks Jannette for doing these contests. I think it’s taken me a year to get one of these right.

  2. Hello Jannette

    Re Kidsilk Haze – its a very forgiving yarn and my inclination would have been to somehow fidget in an extra stitch as I went on, rather than unpicking all those rows, Using this blog as a “confessional” I have lost count of the number of errors I have left untouched in a piece of KSH work and nobody else has ever spotted a thing!

  3. I was planning on adding an extra stitch but I decided to undo instead! It might not have noticed but as it was only about 12 rows to undo, I did not take the chance.
    However, I found it very hard to take back stitch by stitch and so I decided to take it off the needles and rip it back and it was not as scary as I had expected it to be and I was able to pick up the stitches at the top of the rib easily!

  4. I suppose the other side of the coin is that the “clinginess” of the yarn means that when you are ripping out a few rows you wont find any dropped stitches shooting off down your work.

    I’ve already admitted to ignoring the errors I’ve made in kidsilk – but your photo of work in progress looks really lovely so I can see why you’d prefer to keep it perfect!

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