November 28th

Here is the first question in the new contest.  The prize is 3 Knit Pro circular needles in the winner’s choice of size and length subject to availability.

This is an easy knitting crossword:

3. A long river
5. Bubbly Bath
7. A wobbly shade
1. None of this without fire
2. Tropical fruit
4. Eggplant
6. Often associated with Holly

The answers are all shade of yarn!  Answers to crossword by midnight Wednesday.

I received some nice shawl kits today. The contain Zitron Filigran Laceweight yarn, Knit Pro needles and the pattern. I will put them in my shop tomorrow..

Jackson came home this morning after a night on the tiles. His collar and bell were missing. He has slept all day but when he wakes up I shall tell him off. He must take more care of his collars!

It is much colder here today but the forecast is for it to warm up tomorrow.I hope so, I dread those chilblains!  Off to knit, back tomorrow.


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