November 30th

Jackson has been awarded a gold medal for outstanding hunting and bravery!! In the night I could hear him outside fairly close to the bedroom. He was talking to himself – little chirrups and mutterings. He always does this when he is in pursuit of prey. I assumed it was a mouse and went back to sleep. This morning we found a fully grown rat dead on the patio with Jackson’s trademark – blood sucked from the neck. John was very impressed and said he can have extra cheese tonight. These rats come into our garden from the surrounding fields – most probably looking for scraps that I throw out for the birds. Oh, and we found Jackson’s missing collar in the garden. I had already bought him a new one and so the old one can be for emergencies.
No real news on the yarn front. I am expecting mire Calmer and Lima tomorrow and should be able to fulfil all outstanding orders. I shall also have some Garnet to spare which I will sell by the ball. The Pure Cashmere is nearly all gone at Rowan and so if anyone wants any, speak up!
Now I must go and cook a duck leg for Slip’s dinner – back tomorrow.


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