November 20th

Kidsilk Haze Stripe Scarf

Kidsilk Haze Stripe Scarf in Sugar

Sorry I have been absent! I have been busy and by the time the evening comes, I am so tired!  I have finished my Kidsilk Haze Stripe scarf.  I had a little yarn left over and so I made one for Jackson!

He likes it but he is not allowed outdoors wearing it as I think he would soon loose it!

Emboldened  by my scarf, I have now started a cardigan in KSH.  I am using Dewberry doubled. I am now a KSH fan!

My next pair of curtains are being hung next Thursday and they are also going to make adjustments to the rails that the really big curtains are hanging on so that they will not obscure any of the window when they are open during the day.

I am cooking roast pork, stuffing, carrots, brussel sprouts and roast parsnips for lunch followed by apple pie.  John’s cider is fermenting somewhere – I am having nothing to do with it!  Next cloud on the horizon is the changing of the kitchen tap!  I do need a new one and John thinks he scan do it – no need to call the plumber.  I have visions of floods!

I am ordering more from Rowan tomorrow from the discontinued list.  I think this will be the last order as it is selling out. So. if anyone wants anything, please email me asap.  Back tomorrow.


November 17th

Sorry, ladies, Rowan say that I am not to spill the beans about the new yarns and books until January and so I have deleted yesterday’s post!  Slap on the wrist for me!

Now to the contest!  The answer was Debbie Bliss Party Angel and Susan and Jacki were correct.

Complete the square with the numbers 1 to 5 so that no row, column or diagonal line of any length contains the same number more than once.

What number should replace the question mark?

Answers to by Sunday midnight.

Jackson was out all night and arrived home with his ears covered – and I do mean covered with fleas.  I had to comb them out and flush them down the sink.  He must have had his head down a rabbit hole.  I just hope I have found them all as I don’t want a flea infestation in the house!

I am going to cook dinner now – chicken satay with rice for John and prawns in filo pastry for me.  Back tomorrow.

November 15th

I am feeling very stressed today.  I had so many orders for the discontinued Calmer and  it is arriving as part orders and it has all got very confusing.  I am ploughing my way through the orders but it is annoying when only some shades arrive and so I cannot send that person’s parcel as they also want a color that has not arrived yet!

My Kauni came yesterday – all the balls are different sizes which also makes a lot of work when pricing them.   I am not enamoured with yarn today!

As if that wasn’t enough, John has decided to make cider from the zillions of apples we have.  So he is crushing apples in tubs and has constructed some sort of giant whisk to break them down!  It runs off the electricity and I can hear it whisking away.  Goodness knows where we are going to put these vats of apple juice to ferment.  I remember once when he thought we could grow willow trees for cricket bats, and the time we made gallons of wine which was totally undrinkable and when we tried to make cheese!!

I shall be pleased when today is over, even Jackson is being naughty. He brought home a very  big rabbit this morning and of course Slip wanted it and it caused a lot of trouble. In the end John took it away from them both and we have put it in the next door field!  Now I am going to cook a pheasant for Slip’s dinner.  Back tomorrow

November 13th

First, the new Louisa Harding yarns. There are 3 : Delphine which is a tape style and fades from dark to light along its length,  Mulberry Hand Beaded which is Mulberry Silk with beads along the length and lastly Sari Ribbon is being re-introduced in 12 shades.There are also new shades in Ondine, Ianthe and Nerissa.  Loads of books to accompany all the yarns – we shall be drowning in books!

Now to the contest!  Jacki, Susan and Kessa were correct!  Next question :  Which yarn comes in ten shades, 200m balls and is festive? Answers to by midnight Tuesday.

My Kauni should be delivered tomorrow – when I track it online, I can see the box is at the depot near me and is scheduled to be delivered on he 14th! Also, those of you who are waiting for Calmer, another box is coming tomorrow.

I am cooking roast beef for lunch and am trying a new dish – Jerusalem artichokes!  We shall see what they are like.  Now I must go to the oven and see to the Yorkshire puddings! Back tomorrow

November 11th

Ian from Designer Yarns came today.  There is one new yarn from Debbie Bliss : Rialto Lace. Here is the shade card, a photo of a card knitted with it and a ball of the yarn.

Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace


Cardigan in Rialto Lace



Ball of Rialto Lace

Rialto Lace is 100% Exra Fine Merino wool and there are 328 yards per 50g ball.  There will be a pattern book to accompany the yarn.

There are new shades in Amalfi, Baby Cashmerino ( now a total of 60 colours!), Bella, Cotton DK, Eco Aran, Eco Baby, Prima and Rialto 4 Ply plus new books for all of them.

No new Noro yarns but new shades of Aya and Sekku.

I will do the Louisa Harding tomorrow.  I am somewhat behind and have just had a big delivery of Rowan Calmer which I have to sort out and so I will love you and leave you!

November 10th

The answer to the last question in the contest was Coral, Kiwi, Garnet, Plum, Freesia, Cloud, Aqua Marina, Saffron, Tree, Preen,Spice, Coffee Bean – all shades of Calmer.  Kessa T, Susan Busatto, Susan Walley, Christine and Jacki were all correct. Here is the next question:

Can you find 2 proverbs using the letters below the grid?  Answers to by midnight Saturday.

Jackson was very aggressive this morning, biting anything he could get his teeth into ( including a ball of Calmer!).  He was eyeing  up the curtains and I had to speak sharply to him!  He was running round the house as if demented . His eyes were wild and claws were bared. Then, just as suddenly as it had started, he went back to being sweet again!

Nothing much to report yarn wise , but I will have details of all the new Noro, Debbie Bliss and Louisa Harding tomorrow. See you then!

November 9th

Jackson was a bad cat today! He wanted to come into the kitchen and I did not want the pleasure of his company as I was cooking and so I shut the door. After several minutes of scratching and leaping up at the door handle and moaning, saying ” I waaaaaaant to come in”  “How could you treat me this way?”  and  “No one loves me”., he gave up and went away.  Next thing I hear is a shredding noise. On investigation I find that he has torn up newspapers that we keep in a box to light the fire with. He had got into the box and pulled a newspaper over his head and was sulking!  I think you can see him in my photo!  He grudgingly deigned to look at me when I proffered a piece of duck pate!  He is not really supposed to have pate but a tiny piece now and then won’t hurt!

My Kidsilk scarf is looking good – the colour blends are very subtle.  I am wondering if they are the same shades as regular Kidsilk Haze, mine seems to be made up of Heavenly, Meadow, Ghost, Mist, Grace and possible Ember.  Not sure about this.  In other words, did Kaffe Fassett go through the Rowan Kidsilk Haze shades and decided to combine certain shades in each colour of Stripe or are they new colours?  The Rowan rep is coming next Wednesday to show me the Spring 2012 range.  I shall get shade cards and so will scan them and put them on here!

TIme to tie up my mailing sacks – back tomorrow!