December 18th

Jackie, Kessa and Susan all solved the jigsaw which revealed Robinia from Rowan 50.  Several other people also solved this -anyone is welcome to do the puzzles but only Jacki, Kessa and Susan are in contention for the prize as they have solved earlier questions.

Here is another puzzle – I have made the pieces smaller this time and so you may find it harder.  What is it? Answers to by midnight Tuesday.

I am still feeling blue. We went out for a meal last night but it did not cheer me up.  I don’t think I would feel much pleasure if a truck of Kidsilk Haze appeared and it was mine for free!

I am cooking roast pork for lunch with roast potatoes, carrots, spring cabbage and onions stuffed with bacon and pine nuts.  Baked apple for dessert!

Is this thing alight or not?

Jackson does not like the cold weather and sometimes he peers into the fire as if he wishes it would get hotter!  It is snowing quite heavily  at the moment and very dark altho’ it is only

Going to stuff my onions now – back tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “December 18th

  1. Oh dear, Jannette, would a little something from Tiffany’s cheer you up? I know it would me! 🙂

    Just think of the sunny holiday to come…

  2. Hope you feel a bit more cheery soon – the weather certainly doesn’t help. It is freezing up here too.

    Love the photo of Jackson 🙂


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