December 20th

Damp and drizzly here today.  Jackson seems better. He was well enough to climb the new curtains last night!  He seems to go through these little “off” spells and then is OK again.

Susan and Kessa both identified the puzzle as the Rowan Tweed shade card.  I did not get an answer from Jacki – perhaps she is still baking!!  So, Susan and Kessa….where can you find a sort of mustard, a jewel, a fruit and a mollusc? Answers to by midnight Friday.

I just had a large delivery of Debbie Abrahams beads in both sizes.  I will sort them out tomorrow.

I am going to the hairdresser early tomorrow and we are going out to dinner at night.My brother goes for his tests tomorrow but I doubt if he will get the results until the new year. I am not feeling quite so depressed now but still not really happy!  Back tomorrow.


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